eBook: From the node up: The complete guide to Kubernetes security

Johannesburg, 25 Nov 2021
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Most discussions of Kubernetes security focus on how challenging it is to secure a cluster. Kubernetes offers only a handful of native security features, we’re told, which makes it exceedingly difficult to secure every layer of a Kubernetes environment.

It’s true that Kubernetes provides few built-in security tools and that securing Kubernetes requires addressing multiple types of potential vulnerabilities across multiple layers of infrastructure. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to think of Kubernetes security as being hopelessly challenging.

On the contrary, the fact that Kubernetes is such a sprawling platform with so many integrations presents an opportunity: it makes it easy to build an automated, systematic set of processes that bakes security into the core of the Kubernetes build and deployment process. The result is a tightly integrated security strategy that mitigates threats at all layers and levels of your stack. 

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