Gen2 Enterprise Software SA and Gen2 Enterprise Services SA announces major company restructuring to form the Gen2 Group

Johannesburg, 18 Sep 2017
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Diederik Jordaan, a director for both companies, today announced a major company restructuring with the goal of providing excellent software sales and service to customers.

Jordaan said that all employees were offered the opportunity to take up shares in Gen2 Enterprise Software SA or Gen2 Enterprise Services SA to become co-owners of the companies.

The new Gen2 Enterprise Services SA shareholders comprise of long serving employees who, over the years, offered services to a number of clients in South Africa. They were part of an empowerment program and had risen through the ranks in Gen2 Enterprise Software SA.

"We have taken a major step towards the long-term success of Gen2 Enterprise Software SA and Gen2 Enterprise Services by empowering the employees in this way. A level 4 and a level 2 BEE Company were created and the new shareholders are now ready to advance our two restructured companies into a new and exciting future."

Impact of restructuring

From August 2017, the companies have been realigned into two independent companies with shared products and services offerings. A symbiotic relationship between the two companies is now in place which is further strengthened by solid working, reseller and referral agreements as well as a formidable worldwide technical infrastructure support system.


What we do

GEN2 Enterprise Software SA is the official reseller and service provider of the following products:

* Computron Enterprise Financial suite of Software;
* Daptiv Project Portfolio Management (SAAS);
* Changepoint PPM and PSA (On-Premises);
* MagiQ Budget Performance Management;
* MagiQ Strategic Planning;
* MagiQ Document Management;
* MagiQ Enterprise Financial and Municipal Accounting; and
* TrendLight Procure-to-Pay (P2P), a supplier and procurement management solution.

And also does referrals for:

* Realyst Contract Management.


Professional services

Gen2 Enterprise Software's Professional Services team engages at the onset of an implementation, offers guidance on implementation strategies, and shares best practices from other engagements. Your unique processes are mapped and configured to the software, your teams are trained, and you're set up for launch.

Choose the program that's right for your organisation. Gen2 Group offers two tiers of comprehensive services:

* Premier; and
* Enterprise.

Offers include:

* Value assessment;
* Optimisation services;
* Premier consultant;
* Tier 2 support; and
* Adoption services.

Through regular touch points, Gen2 Enterprise Software can assess progress along with you, measure outcomes, and adjust planning efforts to match evolving business needs.

It is your strategic partner, committed to helping you achieve a successful business outcome.

Customer success

The Gen2 Group delivers ongoing value to your organisation through a unique and valuable partnership specific to your needs.

It is a partner in your success

Gen2 Group defines customer success as a unique and collaborative partnership with its clients. Its goal is to enable you to effectively plan, adapt, and deliver the right initiatives to meet your strategic goals.

It achieves this by working with you to define a successful business partnership and establish mutual goals and expectations. Its client success managers are always ready to engage with your team to design a strategic plan that ensures the Gen2 Best of Breed solutions continue to address your most critical challenges.

Through regular touch points, it can assess progress with you, measure outcomes, and adjust planning efforts to match evolving business needs. We are your strategic partner, committed to helping you achieve a successful business outcome.


Selecting the right partner and business solution is an ongoing process. Gen2 Group is committed to making your selection and "re-selection" of its products an easy decision.


Business changes and your business solutions need to change with them. Gen2 Group's team will help you adapt to the demands you experience as a result of constant change.

Adoption and growth

Gen2 Group's customer success teams share best practices, good communication, and ongoing education in order to gain user advocacy, which, in turn, increases smooth delivery, management, and value of its products to you.

Training services

The Professional Services Team offers regular training for its customers who need assistance in educating administrators, project managers, business users and report authors on our product toolset.

If you are introducing a product to a new group within your organisation, the training options provide your users with a solid understanding on features and functionality offered.

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