VMware enhances edge security

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VMware has introduced a Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) platform to bring secure connectivity to the network of cloud services that power today’s distributed enterprises.

The announcement was made during the VMworld 2019 Europe event in Barcelona this week.

According to Sanjay Uppal, VP and GM, SD-WAN at VMware, the traditional data centre perimeter is no longer the only place where network traffic is processed and policies need to be enforced.

“Next-generation security, business analytics, and mid-mile connectivity, as well as mission-critical applications, are all now delivered from speciality clouds,” he added. 

“A typical business can rely on dozens of cloud services for daily operations. This multi-cloud trend, combined with containerised application architectures and the proliferation of edge computing, creates significant connectivity and security challenges for enterprises.”

He said legacy approaches do not have the cloud scale and integrated security that is needed to connect and protect businesses across global networks.

In response, the SASE is an emerging architecture designed to address these new networking and security challenges.

Uppal cited Gartner: “Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) offerings will provide policy-based ‘software-defined’ secure access from an infinitely tailorable network fabric in which enterprise security professionals can precisely specify the level of performance, reliability, security, and cost of every network session based on identity and context.”

Hub-and-spoke MPLS networks that connect to a hardware-based perimeter are a thing of the past, said Uppal.

"VMware combines a hyperscale SD-WAN architecture spanning thousands of VMware SD-WAN cloud gateways with an extensive ecosystem of third-party cloud services to deliver a consistent end-user experience as well as solid security."

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