YouTube forces adverts on AdBlockers

YouTube blocks AdBlock and forces ads on offenders.
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YouTube blocks AdBlock and forces ads on offenders.

Google's online video service is reportedly taking action against those who have ad blocking software installed, by forcing them to watch entire adverts - without the option to skip after a few seconds.

Twitter was abuzz yesterday with complaints that YouTube had somehow 'blocked' the ad blocking software.

"A three-minute ad? Really? I have AdBlock also. How is this even possible?" tweeted revVGC, who later on in the day admitted: "AdBlock is like pirating; we know it's wrong, but don't care."

Santi Arango tweeted: "Google Chrome going to start punishing people who have AdBlock, and try to watch YouTube videos, by making them sit through three-minute ad..."

YouTube relies on adverts for revenue, like other Web sites that need adverts displayed to keep sites free and running.

YouTube is currently only blocking the software within the Google Chrome browser.

Some users thought this was fair game. Rodney F Witcher II tweeted: "Re: this #adblock drama. Isn't it the ad blocker's job to find ways to block ads? If it can't on a browser then it's on the AdBlock to adjust."

However, users apparently found a way around the problem by deleting the YouTube app and re-installing AdBlock.

AdBlock does not cost anything to install; however, the company does request users contribute what they want, to keep the service running.

Apple will support content-blocking software with its next iOS update, allowing users to block adverts on mobile sites while using the Safari browser.

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