Sun releases JES 5.0

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Sun releases JES 5.0

Sun Microsystems has announced the immediate availability of the latest version of the Sun Java Enterprise System (JES), reports HardwareZone.

The company says JES 5.0 is modular and provides greater choices for enterprises to consolidate their IT infrastructure on an integrated, open and standards-based software system.

JES 5.0 will also improve the functionality and flexibility of Sun's distributed applications, identity management solutions and Web services, it adds.

EclipseCon focuses on scripting

Dynamic scripting languages for Web application development will be the focus of the Eclipse Foundation's EclipseCon conference, which starts today in California.

InfoWorld says the open source tools organisation will update two projects pertaining to Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax). It will also revise the Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK), which features frameworks and platforms to make it easier to use scripting languages such as Tcl, Python and Ruby.

The report says with the 0.7 release of DLTK, Eclipse will support Tcl. Version 1.0 of DLTK, due in June, will back Ruby and Python. DLTK provides facilities to build integrated development environments for scripting languages.

Red Hat, Exadel enter partnership

Red Hat has partnered with privately held tools vendor Exadel to build specific tooling around JBoss technology, reports

In terms of the deal, three Exadel products are to be open-sourced and rebranded as Red Hat products. Two are frameworks for building Ajax applications on top of Java Server Faces and a third is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment.

Exadel's RichFaces and Ajax4jsf will move over to Red Hat's collaborative development site and be renamed as JBoss RichFaces and JBoss Ajx4jsf. Exadel Studio Pro will be open-sourced under the GPL and be renamed Red Hat Developer Studio.

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