Modern customers expect extraordinary CX

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Customer experience (CX) has become so crucial that research indicates that by 2020, it will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. 

CX is also the major driver behind all digital transformation efforts, as organisations are being challenged to rethink their entire approach to engaging with customers, and transform themselves to offer the platforms and relationships that today’s customers demand.

“These facts were confirmed by a recent report by Salesforce, called `State of the Connected Customer’,” says Angela Mace, CRM and Events director at ITWeb.  

The report surveyed more than 8 000 consumers and business buyers worldwide to unpack how customer expectations are shifting, which emerging technologies are transforming standards for engagement, the role of trust in customer relationships, and the rising importance of corporate values in buying decisions.

According to the report, extraordinary experiences are raising the bar for customer engagement, with 73% of those polled saying one extraordinary experience raises their expectations of other companies. 

In addition, the research revealed that new expectations are shifting the ‘digital transformation playbook’, as 75% of those surveyed expect companies to employ new technologies to create better experiences for their customers. 

“In addition, the survey revealed that trust, while becoming more important, is more elusive. In fact, 54% of customers say it's harder than ever for companies to earn their trust.”

ITWeb Customer Experience 2019

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Another interesting finding, says Mace, is that corporate values are swaying purchasing decisions. “A full 73% of customers polled claimed that a company's ethics matter more now than they did a year ago.”

The bottom line, she says, it that engaging well with customers has never been more important. 

“With this in mind, ITWeb is hosting its inaugural Customer Experience 2019 Summit, on 15 October, at The Forum in Bryanston.”

She says during the event, experts will be discussing omnichannel digital experiences, as well as how to incorporate technology to drive better engagement with customers. 

“In addition, speakers will discuss how to develop products and services with the customer in mind, and will showcase the latest and greatest technologies to help businesses bolster their interactions with customers, to gain a competitive advantage.” 

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