Liberty intros digital ecosystem

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Liberty has introduced a digitally-driven short-term insurance ecosystem that makes it easier for clients to source insurance quotes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Suhail Gani, divisional director of short-term sales and distribution at Liberty, says the digital ecosystem enables clients to engage with Liberty via the short-term insurance app, or on the Liberty Web site using a chatbot.

"Our customers can now obtain quotes for the comprehensive short-term insurance offerings, conclude the policy initiation process and access emergency assistance, all through the app. An SOS button can also arrange an Uber drive home in the event of an accident, or dispatch emergency support if needed, at any time of the day or night," says Gani.

In a statement, Liberty says the digital ecosystem builds on its car insurance pilot project, to include residential building, household content, personal liability as well as 'on-the-go' insurance cover.

Last year, Liberty confirmed it was developing a chatbot-driven short-term insurance service that offers vehicle insurance. At the time, the short-term insurance provider indicated plans were also in place to rollout a fully comprehensive proposition that sells household content and cellphone insurance.

Liberty points out technology is playing a major role in everyone's lives, therefore it is only right to make it an integral part of the short-term insurance business. As a result, Liberty will rely on technology to assess driving insurance quotes.

"We've broken that mould by providing a two-week assessment of driving ability, conducted through the driver's phone, and ongoing upskilling through our driver coaching programme. The rewards are premiums discounted by as much as 30%, and Uber vouchers worth up to R400 a year. The assessment can be conducted annually in order to qualify for further discounts," explains Gani.

In addition, the assessment can be conducted either before or after purchasing a Liberty policy. This means potential clients can get an accurate idea of what their monthly savings would be, were they to join Liberty.

In the next few months, Liberty plans to develop a digi-scan capability on the app. "This will allow users to scan their household contents, using their smartphones. The scan will then be used by Liberty to pull a provisional quote.

"The valuation will be based on pre-loaded data and analytics that are built into the app, alleviating client frustrations of time delays when waiting for an assessor to come out to complete an assessment of their household goods and content."

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