How to build a high-performance BI and analytics team

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Alishna Maharaj, business analytics & insights manager at Aspen Pharma.
Alishna Maharaj, business analytics & insights manager at Aspen Pharma.

A strong business intelligence (BI) and analytics teams is an asset to the business.

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Such a team is indispensable as it is able to create analytical solutions and dashboards that give quick answers to common business questions as well as handle projects that support business strategy.

This is according to Alishna Maharaj, business analytics & insights manager at Aspen Pharma. She is one of the expert speaker at the ITWeb BI & Analytics Summit to be held on 14 and 15 March at The Forum in Bryanston.

When creating a high-performance BI and analytics team, there are several points to consider, she says.

"Each team member should come with basic analytical and technical skills, but must have the ability to adapt and learn. Problem-solving is also key, and candidates must enjoy working with people because the environment is a very collaborative one. In addition, stakeholders are made up by all levels of the organisation."

Maharaj issues a caveat: "Companies should never look for the ideal analyst or technical person, as they don't exist. Moreover, businesses make the mistake of not seeing this team as a separate department that requires proper management and guidance; often, the BI and analytics person is seen as an assistant who can just help with creating a graph or PowerPoint presentation."

Companies also need to invest in development of these key departments, for example, the appointment of chief information officers and chief analytical officers.

Delegates attending Maharaj's talk, titled 'Creating a high-performance BI and analytics team', will learn about the importance of teamwork and collaboration while allowing each individual to be a strong contributor.

"Transfer of skills and knowledge will happen daily, and these teams are fast-paced and exciting - no two work days will be alike," she says.

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