Webinar: Better cloud management boosts uptime, compliance 

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By simplifying and consolidating cloud and compute environment management, IT departments can reduce downtime, enhance security and boost compliance.

This is according to Birgit Smythe, MD of Envisage, an IBM Gold Partner.

Webinar: Managing multi-cloud environments

At this webinar, presented by Envisage in partnership with ITWeb, you’ll discover solutions to help you overcome these pain points on your journey to the cloud, and achieve automation, compliance, performance and incident management. Click here to register your complimentary slot.

Speaking ahead of by Envisage in partnership with ITWeb, ‘Managing a multi-cloud environment’, she says organisations of all sizes are moving to the cloud.  This has been accelerated as the COVID-19 pandemic and work- from-home trend have highlighted the benefits of being able to access applications and workloads from anywhere. 

“However, the move to the cloud has not been a smooth one for everyone,” Smythe adds. “Some organisations who went entirely cloud have moved some of their workloads back on-premise. Others have discovered that while some things are best left on-premise, a hybrid model has added unexpected complexity to managing the environment.”

A common challenge when using multiple systems to manage various cloud and on-premise environments, is that it can be hard to pinpoint where a problem is, she says. “You end up doing ‘swivel chair management’ across multiple panes of glass to try and monitor everything. In this scenario, it takes longer to identify the cause of a problem and rectify it.”

This means downtime can take longer to address, presenting risks to business continuity and compliance. “There are always costs involved when systems go down and you need to be able to fix them quickly, so you need to understand where and why they went wrong – across applications, databases and right down to code level,” she says.

Envisage, which specialises in network operations implementation and support, says IBM’s new Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management brings a solution to these challenges.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest from local customers, particularly those in the banking sector. This is definitely something people need, whether they need to take control of their cloud migration or more effectively manage their multi-cloud environment. It effortlessly manages all the big cloud environments and the on-premise environment, with a single screen overview on what the environment looks like, how it’s performing, and what it’s costing them. With an add-on, IT can also automate the roll-out of patches, updates and new functionality to disparate systems across the full environment.”

For more information, and to register to attend the webinar, click here.

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