UNISA signs digital skills partnership deal with Deviare

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The University of South Africa’s (UNISA’s) College of Education Centre for Continuing Education and Training has partnered with digital skills development firm Deviare to upskill students and professionals through various short learning programmes and bootcamps.

Founded by Baxolile Mabinya and Lubabalo Dyantyi, Johannesburg-based Deviare helps organisations to build capability for digital transformation, through targeted advisory services, digital skills training and technology solutions.

UNISA re-established the Centre for Continuing Education and Training in 2010, with the aim to become the first-choice innovative centre for teacher in-service training in the country.

Over the past five years, the centre has committed itself to providing quality classroom and community-based education and training programmes – some of which are client-tailored training programmes and courses, that promote collaboration and networking among teachers, communities, national and provincial education departments, businesses, interested parties as well as other stakeholders.

The first offering from the partnership comes in the form of the built-for-purpose Online Digital Pedagogy course. This programme is made up of two learning paths: a short learning programme and workshop-style bootcamps.

The short learning programme is crafted to address the three primary digital competencies of data engineering, cloud computing and cyber security by marrying some of the fundamental aspects covered in these areas. The programme is set to run for eight months.

The second offering – bootcamps in data engineering and cyber security − will each run for two months at a time.

The programmes will be offered online, through self-paced and instructor-led training, with real industry-based assessments, according to Deviare.

“It is UNISA and Deviare’s wealth of experience and competency that will be used in the partnership to alleviate the deficit of digital skills in SA,” says Dyantyi.

“All the short learning programmes will assist in addressing the skill shortages in each respective field. With the world grappling with high levels of youth unemployment, it has become increasingly important to gain valuable skills that set you apart in the professional world.”

As the fourth industrial revolution changes the way we live and work at an alarming rate, many companies have had to reconsider the way they conduct their business, with digital readiness in terms of processes as well as in existing talent pools being key, he adds.

Deviare and UNISA say participants at all levels of experience can apply.

The data engineering programme will equip learners with skills such as statistical analysis, hypothesis testing and data mining, as well as encourage critical thinking and improving decision-making. These are essential concepts and tools required for the work of a data engineer.

“The data engineering bootcamps will comprise of an immersive learning experience. Learners will be exposed to key knowledge areas of data analytics and get to experience some of the most common tools used in industry, like SciPy and Python, through the curriculum. The bootcamp comes with MICT SETA accreditation as a skills programme, which means it is aligned to the national qualification’s framework,” notes Dyantyi.

When it comes to the cloud computing component of the short learning programme, the aim is to equip learners with the knowledge of the most common Microsoft Azure services, including virtual machines, Web apps, SQL databases, features of Azure Active Directory, and methods of integrating these elements with an on-premises active directory.

Furthermore, students will become conversant with cloud technology concepts and understand their application across various sectors. The short learning programme also equips participants with the skill set to become a professional in the cyber security field and learn how to protect their organisation against cyber threats and attacks.

To learn more about the courses offered by UNISA, in partnership with Deviare, click here. Course fees range according to the chosen programme.

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