Insider risk increase in remote work environment

New gaps in risk exposure are becoming apparent, raising the question of where the perimeter is, and how to secure it.
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Nick Maxwell, Ava Security
Nick Maxwell, Ava Security

Insider incidents – whether intentional or not – cost organisations millions each year, and a newly remote workforce is increasing this risk, says Ava Security.

Speaking ahead of a webinar to be staged in SA this month, Ava Security GM: UK/MEA & Australia Nick Maxwell says insider risk has long been a challenge in organisations around the world. Whether insider-based data breaches are malicious, due to negligence, or accidental, they can prove costly, he says.

“In the current work-from-home environment, which is likely to be the norm for the foreseeable future, there has been an uptick in insider incidents,” Maxwell says. “Organisations are realising they weren’t as prepared as they thought they were.”

New gaps in risk exposure are becoming apparent, raising the question of where the perimeter is, and how to secure it, he says.

Maxwell says part of the solution to this challenge is to see the end user not as the weakest link, but rather as the first line of defence. 

“As such, they should be better utilised; and training and reinforcement is part and parcel of that.”

Webinar: Securing the remote workforce from inside risk – 15 October

Ava Security will draw on examples of South African businesses that have fallen victim to the effects of ignoring the importance of remote security, and outline how to connect the dots across cyber and physical security threats.
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To dramatically improve an organisation’s ability to reduce insider risk, Ava Security believes that proactive, intelligent human-centric security is key. 

By educating, empowering, and building trust, organisations can address some insider risk with the help of the employees themselves, and then build on that using data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, behaviour analytics and security information and event management (SIEM).

Using machine learning, intelligent monitoring and behaviour analytics baselines normal end-user behaviour in as little as two weeks, allowing the organisation to automatically flag anomalies and isolate or lock computers showing suspicious activity, says Maxwell.

Webinar: Securing the remote workforce from inside risk

Ava Security, now with presence in SA, will host the webinar in partnership with ITWeb on 15 October to outline changing trends in insider risk, how to mitigate hybrid physical and cyber security risk, and how to achieve proactive security monitoring and complete visibility of threats. 

 Attendees will also see Ava Security’s insider risk solutions in action. 

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