Tesla Model X to arrive in SA next week

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The Tesla Model X all-electric SUV,  2021 performance edition.
The Tesla Model X all-electric SUV, 2021 performance edition.

Rubicon Technologies says it is bringing the first Tesla Model X all-electric SUV, 2021 performance edition into SA next week.

According to the company, the move is part of the technology firm’s big leap forward for raising the profile of renewable energy in SA.

The vehicle will be used for marketing initiatives within the Rubicon Group to promote Tesla’s Powerwall renewable energy offerings and officially launch Rubicon’s entry into the electric vehicle (EV) charging space in SA.

Headquartered in Cape Town, Rubicon operates across SA and in select African and European markets, employing nearly 500 staff across its energy and automation division.

The Rubicon Energy unit supports the uptake of EVs in SA by supplying charging stations for homes, businesses and public settings; charging station vehicle superchargers; and charger accessories.

Its distribution brands include solutions from EV charging firms EVBox, EO Charging and renewable energy solutions from Delta.

Rubicon says by bringing the Model X to SA, it aims to highlight all forms of e-mobility and accelerate the South African EV industry and lobby government to establish an all-electric future.

“The arrival of the Model X gives South Africans the opportunity to see up close what an electric future looks like, and to experience high-performance EVs and the technology showcased within the Tesla Model X for the first time,” says the company.

However, it cautions that this initiative does not signal the arrival of Tesla vehicles for trade purposes in South Africa.

In September, Tesla introduced its rechargeable, renewable energy-powered battery systems for homes and businesses in SA, distributed by Rubicon.

Tesla’s Model X is touted by the company as having the highest power and quickest acceleration of any SUV developed by vehicle manufacturers. However, its rivals, according to critics, offer a better luxury experience.

The vehicle’s electric motors provide on-demand all-wheel drive and performance-car acceleration, while the interior is equipped with high-tech infotainment and driver-assistance features.

Once it has arrived in SA, the vehicle will move between the major city centres over the next few months, in conjunction with a number of marketing events for Tesla Powerwall and EV chargers from EVBox, Delta and EO Charging.

“The Tesla Model X is a marvel of engineering and technology. We hope to raise awareness of electric mobility in SA, and what better way to achieve this than with the world leader in EVs, Tesla,” says Greg Blandford, director at Rubicon energy and e-mobility.

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