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Kevin Wilson: A master 'Jack of all trades'

Kevin Wilson, Ggroup IT manager at Stefanutti Stocks, is a finalist for IITPSA's Visionary CIO 2018 award.

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Kevin Wilson, group IT manager at Stefanutti Stocks.
Kevin Wilson, group IT manager at Stefanutti Stocks.

Kevin Wilson has worked as a network engineer at Unisys, manager at CS Holdings, project manager at BB&D and Hyperion, and now holds the title of Group IT manager at Stefanutti Stocks. He originally studied electrical engineering, but the computer industry beckoned, and is still as enticing to him as it was in the 1990s.

Wilson has more than 25 years of experience in IT. Having spent that time delivering various solutions and systems to diverse customers, he has a wide knowledge across the IT landscape, from infrastructure to networking and development, and is considered a master 'Jack of all Trades'.

A firm fan of open source initiatives, Wilson has employed them to bring IT solutions to the construction industry, where traditional solutions were simply not doing the job, and weren't delivering a return on investment. "Inefficient systems and technology, particularly software solutions, will not survive the increased tempo of innovation and competition in the fast-paced IT market."

He has a modern and innovative approach to management that focuses on developing in-house competencies to deliver business efficiency, while developing and retaining skilled IT staff. "I give everyone the freedom they need to do their jobs. I focus on developing in-house competencies, to deliver business efficiency, while nurturing and retaining skilled IT employees."

From tinkering with the Z80 Sinclair decades ago, to toying with IoT on the Arduino and Raspberry PI today, Wilson still keeps in touch with the latest trends in technology. He believes that you need to understand technology to be able to understand where it is going and how best to leverage it.

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