VMware debuts Carbon Black Cloud Workload

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Pat Gelsinger, VMware.
Pat Gelsinger, VMware.

VMware has unveiled VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload, a solution designed to better secure modern workloads by reducing the attack surface and strengthening security posture.

VMware acquired Carbon Black in October last year and says the solution combines Carbon Black’s security expertise with VMware’s knowledge of data centres to build security into workloads. It includes prioritised vulnerability reporting and foundational workload hardening with prevention, detection and response capabilities to protect workloads running in virtualised, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Tightly integrated with VMware vSphere, VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload provides agentless security that alleviates installation and management overheads and consolidates the collection of telemetry for multiple workload security use cases, the company says. It enables security and infrastructure teams to automatically secure new and existing workloads at every point in the security lifecycle.

Speaking at VMworld 2020 yesterday, Pat Gelsinger, VMware’s CEO, says as companies accelerate their journeys towards cloud transformation and application modernisation, they need modern security solutions that are both powerful and easy to operationalise.

"VMware is disrupting the security industry by building security controls intrinsically into the infrastructure."

Pat Gelsinger

“Security is a core theme that runs through everything we do at VMware,” said Gelsinger. “A question I hear a lot, is how do I drive a consistent security posture for all my apps and data? And that gets harder as you scale across data centres, multiple clouds, and into the edge.”

To address this, Gelsinger says VMware is disrupting the security industry by building security controls intrinsically into the infrastructure. 

“As apps and data move across clouds or get decomposed into containers, they retain a consistent security posture. It's been 14 months since we combined VMware and Carbon Black, and it’s proved to be a powerful union.”

He says VMware has more than 20 000 security customers, and security is now a billion dollar plus business for the company. 

“We're thrilled about Carbon Black Cloud Workload. This is a new solution for hardening configuring and managing virtual workloads, we've integrated that natively into vSphere to simplify operations, and there are no agents to install or manage."

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