BT introduces IBM Cloud in new service offerings

Keith Langridge, vice president of network services at BT.
Keith Langridge, vice president of network services at BT.

British Telecommunications (BT) has introduced a new service to provide global businesses with direct access to IBM Cloud via the BT network.

According to the company, BT Cloud Connect Direct for IBM offers global SME's the benefits of predictable, security-based reliable network performance when building and deploying critical business applications and data on the IBM Cloud.

With Cloud Connect Direct for IBM, BT customers receive a dedicated, high-performance connection to the IBM Cloud so they can access services including compute, network and storage infrastructure as well as a catalogue spanning AI, blockchain, Internet of things (IOT), data and analytics capabilities.

The service is designed, implemented and supported as part of the customer's existing network infrastructure, helping businesses achieve better performance, security and availability compared to connecting over the open Internet, adds BT.

Keith Langridge, VP of network services at BT, explains: "Cloud Connect Direct for IBM is designed to help businesses fully harness the potential of high-value digital services delivered via IBM Cloud. Businesses deploying IBM Cloud services can now benefit from improved performance, security and reliability, creating a rich digital experience for their customers and employees."

According to BT, the company's Cloud Connect is a combination of cloud-based services which include: Cloud Connect Direct - direct connectivity to 3rd party cloud provider.

Cloud Connect Direct for IBM is the latest development in BT's Cloud of Clouds portfolio strategy, which has been helping customers since 2015 on their digital transformation journey.

Cloud Connect Direct for IBM will initially be delivered into IBM Cloud data centres in the UK via IBM Cloud Direct Link, a network service designed to secure and accelerate data transfer between private infrastructure and the public cloud, adds BT.

This will be followed in the coming months with direct connectivity into IBM Cloud data centres in mainland Europe, the US, Australia, Africa and Asia, optimising performance and compliance for customers in those regions. Cloud Connect Direct for IBM will be managed and supported from a single BT-managed service desk, providing proactive management and quality of service, according to the company.

Kit Linton, vice president of network, IBM Cloud, says: "Enterprises are rapidly turning to the cloud to modernise their core applications and build cloud-native solutions that leverage AI, IOT, blockchain and more. The collaboration with BT will help enterprises around the world seamlessly connect to the IBM Cloud so they can maximise their data and generate new business value."

Cloud Connect Direct for IBM, according to BT, leverages BT's global network reach, spanning 198 countries and territories.

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