IBM highlights benefits of social media for HR

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IBM highlights benefits of social media for HR

IBM has recognised the benefits of social media for human resources (HR), with amplified speed of conversations that will lead to excellence in the workplace, Stocks and Shares.TV reports.

The company commented that the use of social media will lead to the outcome of reduced employee travel and staff guidance due to ease of access to internal knowledge.

With employees being able to connect more efficiently, this will also benefit product and service development, The Grapevine notes. Social media also benefits this business area through gaining useful market insight and customer feedback.

As a by-product of this, customer services will also improve as the increased communication internally and externally will remove boundaries and increase innovation.

Ofer Guetta, portfolio manager for Collaboration Solutions at IBM, said: “The explosive growth of social media shows that people are increasingly wired to use technology to communicate and collaborate in this way.

“The successful business of the near future will be one that harnesses this trend to deliver improvements in products and services, as well as the customer and employee experience. At the same time, it can expect to realise substantial efficiencies in its business.”

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