Seamless integration minimises time, resources wasted

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In today’s digital world, business process integration isn’t only critical from a technical perspective.

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While modern enterprises have a slew of different systems, applications, software, and processes to manage, it is too easy to lose sight of what purpose all these technologies are supposed to serve.

Today, it’s all about creating superior products and services - and bringing them to market more rapidly, improving customer experiences, and driving business growth, which is why business process integration is about so much more than simply bringing computer systems or applications together.

Real business process integration means finding ways for all stakeholders and participants in the organisation’s digital ecosystem to interact seamlessly and support the objectives and goals that are important to the business.

With this in mind, Megaree Naraidoo, application development manager at AVBOB, will be presenting on “Seamless integration minimises time and resources wasted”, at the ITWeb BPM & Automation Summit 2022, to be held on 29 June at The Maslow in Sandton.

She says in a world where all organisations are aiming for intelligent enterprise status, it is critical for every business to understand the value of integrated business processes.

Her talk will explore how business process integration is so much more than just linking software applications, and will speak to the importance of crafting the means and ways for all players of the digital ecosystem to interact seamlessly and support the business’ mission-critical outcomes.

Naraidoo will discuss adopting a BPM system to enable smooth data integration, aligning departmental goals with BPI to create innovative systems, and how integrated processes can go beyond the business, but also to the value chain.

Finally, she will unpack how to link employee KPIs to process outputs to enhance efficiency.

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