Campus TV debuts at SA universities

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Content on Campus TV will include campus news, social impact campaigns and brand advertising.
Content on Campus TV will include campus news, social impact campaigns and brand advertising.

Digital media solutions company, BOO! Surprising Media Solutions will be launching a student media network, Campus TV, across SA's major universities in 2019.

According to the company, the national student television initiative includes rolling out smart TV screens to be used as an internal communication platform to reach university students on campus, while giving tertiary institutions an opportunity to earn an additional income stream, through automated brand advertising.

BOO! CEO and founder, Dave McKenzie, says his team has been working on the concept for three years, to provide universities with an effective internal communication platform to reach their students.

"Reaching them via e-mail, SMS and social media is proving to be inconsistent and unreliable. Now with this network installed, select university staffs are able to create, manage and publish their own content and communicate with their students on campus," says McKenzie.

"The project also includes a national automated advertising booking and content delivery system for brands, campus radio exposure as well as alternative media such as student bus branding and social media."

Launch in February 2019

The first universities to sign up with BOO! are University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University, University of the Witwatersrand, Rhodes University and the University of Johannesburg.

Content will include news and brand advertising, campus news, as well as social impact campaigns to benefit and assist students to get involved in social responsibility initiatives.

BOO! says it has already begun installation and trials at Stellenbosch and Rhodes universities, and will officially launch the new student media network on 1 February 2019.

"The Campus TV network is powered by Navori, a browser-based broadcast system developed in Switzerland, where content and advertising can be controlled and distributed remotely. Teams within each university also have access to this software, which allows them to create, manage and distribute their own university content, and even immediate emergency notices, on their campus."

The initiative aims to reach over 150 000 students, with a focus on high-dwell such as the library, outside large lecture halls, residences, dining halls, cafeterias and main entrances.

To ensure that Campus TV draws the attention of university students, BOO! says it has developed distribution partnerships with local content producers to deliver short-form, engaging, youth-relevant and up to date content.

The company says it will be partnering with more local universities during the course of 2019.

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