VMware Cloud on AWS adds multi-tenancy support

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During VMworld 2019 Europe in Barcelona this week, VMware announced a multi-tenancy service for VMware Cloud on AWS that will make it more available to customers of all sizes through managed service providers (MSPs).

The company also showcased a tech preview of Project Path, an initiative which it says will help cloud providers and MSPs adopt new business models that to generate value, revenue and improved margins to their cloud businesses.

Rajeev Bhardwaj, VPof products, Cloud Provider Software Business Unit at VMware, cited research by 451 Research which revealed that the majority of enterprises (57%) are adopting integrated hybrid IT environments. Similarly, he says IDC research highlighted that 62% of public cloud IaaS users employ multiple IaaS providers.

Many enterprises are adopting a strategy that unites native public cloud services and a consistent hybrid cloud environment into a single cloud strategy. In response to this shift in customers’ cloud strategies, cloud providers, too, must evolve their own multi-cloud journeys, he added.

“VMware’s strategy is to offer partners consistent cloud infrastructure and operations that support their customers’ multi-cloud strategies, and enable them to simultaneously employ both asset-heavy and asset-light business models,” he explains.

VMware Cloud on AWS will, for the first time, support multi-tenancy through the new VMware Cloud Director Service, enabling MSPs to rapidly and easily create software-defined data centre in the AWS cloud for SMEs, said Bhardwaj.

TheVMware Cloud Director service is a SaaS version of the popular and proven VMware vCloud Director service-delivery platform.

Project Path, Bhardwaj added, will enable partners to accelerate their delivery of both VMware-based and native public cloud services, to better support customer operations across clouds, and meet customer needs more effectively by deploying applications to whichever cloud best suits their business or IT requirements.

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