How to design and deliver world-class CX

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Deepak Prabhu
Deepak Prabhu

We have transitioned from an industrial age of ‘order to stock’, into the digital age of ‘made to order’. The biggest winner in all of this is the consumer. 

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The consumer is not only well informed, but now enjoys plenty of options, with many channels of convenience for consumption. 

So says Deepak Prabhu, VP of consulting and design thinking at Nihilent, who will be presenting on ‘Interaction design: customer experience deconstructed’, at the ITWeb CX Summit 2019, to be held on 15 October at The Forum in Bryanston.

The only way for businesses to win is to have the consumers on their side, he says. 

“We know that great experiences are the only reason that consumers come back again and again, and companies which provide these differentiated experiences stand to gain.”

According to Prabhu, the democratisation of markets is underway. 

“What it will take companies to be on the right side of this change is to consciously acquire a new mindset. Businesses will have no choice but to truly change their product- or service-centric perspective into a consumer-centric world.”

Speaking of how South Africa’s leading organisations are approaching the customer experience, Prabhu says Nihilent is currently engaged "with several interesting initiatives" around customer experience across banking, insurance, healthcare, media, and retail.  

"In some cases we are contributing, but in many cases we are learning from our work.”

Businesses in SA continue to be the forerunners in discovering and adopting leading practices, he adds. 

During his session, Prabhu will unpack what it takes to imagine, construct and deliver great customer experiences. 

“Come join us on an exciting journey of unbundling the key constructs to delivering world-class customer experience in a world influenced by digital technologies,” he concludes.

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