UPDATE: Standard Bank begins refunding customers after tech glitch

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Standard Bank has started to refund customers after a technical glitch caused deductions to be duplicated.

Amid scores of customer complaints, the bank took to its Twitter page this afternoon, saying: “We are aware that some recent cheque card transactions have been deducted more than once.

“We have identified all affected customers and will reverse all affected transactions and associated fees by tomorrow at the latest. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

In a subsequent message to affected customers, the bank said: "We are aware that there were transactions debited on your account more than once. We have reversed those transactions and are in the process of reversing any related fees, which will be completed by tomorrow at the latest. For the frustration this has caused, we sincerely apologise."

Earlier today, ITWeb reported that the big-four bank was experiencing technical issues, causing duplicate transactions going off customers’ bank accounts.

The amounts deducted twice range from anything between R100 and more than R1 000.

Clients took to social networking site Twitter to air  their grievances and call out the bank for the current issues.

Customer @MorufeSinah tweeted: "@StandardBankZA I have duplicate transactions. How can I reverse that? Please help."

@ka_madikizela responded to the above tweet, saying: "Me too, like it’s day 2 of it happening."

Gugulethu Ncube also vented her frustration at the situation, tweeting: “I even have an overdraft. I will go to the bank... If they act up, I am switching to a different bank coz I cannot not pay the - 4.6k of which it's their own fault. They @StandardBankZA need to sort this ASAP.”

Aisha @Aisha_cpt tweeted: “My transactions from 27/28 February were duplicated yesterday. What is going on @StandardBankZA?”

Two ITWeb employees were also victims of the duplicate transactions, with R1 005 taken off twice from one’s bank account.

In a response to the uproar, Standard Bank acknowledged the current glitches, tweeting: “Thank you for getting in touch with us. Please be advised that we are currently experiencing technical issues on our side. Our IT department is currently working on the matter. We do apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

@Maz_KM12 also tweeted this morning: “@StandardBankZA you guys have not fixed your error I need to buy electricity.”

The bank responded: “Good morning, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.Our team is aware of the issue. Our team is currently investigating the matter urgently.”

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