How often do you regret your tech investment decisions?

Have your say in ITWeb's ICT Purchasing Survey and stand to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab.
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Have your say in ITWeb's ICT Purchasing Survey and stand to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Let's admit it - the ICT industry is notorious for its use of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) sales tactics. Distinguishing between the value of offerings based on the latest hype and those that can bring tangible value to your business is not an easy task.

ITWeb is conducting an online ICT Purchasing Survey during the month of March to understand South African companies' ICT investment strategies and vendor procurement processes.

Complete the survey here and stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Do companies have clearly defined procurement processes? How much red-tape do companies encounter before a decision is approved?

ITWeb wants to find out how many people within a company are involved in purchasing a new solution or service, and who has the final say - the CEO, CIO, CFO or the executive board?

According to IDC's Guide to Vendor Assessment, ICT buyers regularly face difficult choices when considering partnering with suppliers. The ITWeb survey examines what informs the decision to choose a particular solution, ICT provider or supplier, and how often companies find themselves second-guessing or regretting a purchasing decision.

Your input will help ITWeb compile a report about the current ICT purchasing trends in SA, which will benefit the industry. The report will be published on ITWeb.

Sibahle Malinga
ITWeb's portals journalist.

Sibahle Malinga, ITWeb's portals journalist.

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