AudiStream offers virtual viewing of Audi production site

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Audi has introduced a Web portal that offers users a virtual guided tour of its fourth industrial revolution manufacturing plant in Ingolstadt, Germany.

AudiStream allows fans to gain insight into the manufacturing and production world of Audi at its production facility, the Neckarsulm site, via a Web streaming portal and in English.

Tour guides accompany the virtual tour and answer questions in real-time. One highlight of the offering, notes Audi, is that participants also gain insights into the production processes of the fully electric Audi e-tron GT, which is built in Neckarsulm.

With its expertise in small-series and volume production, as well as the large range of derivatives, Audi Neckarsulm is among the Volkswagen Group’s most diverse production locations. The company builds the A4, A5 Cabriolet, A6, A7 and A8 and their derivatives at the roughly 1.3 million square metre site.

“During the free virtual streaming, tour guides present technical highlights and explain how an Audi is made – from the first production steps in the press shop, to the final manual operations during final assembly. With AudiStream, participants can take a look at the production of the brand’s first electric sports car and experience its electronic sound right now,” says Audi.

Series production of the fully electric-powered Audi e-tron GT started on schedule in early December 2020. The electric Gran Turismo and the supercar are built on the same assembly line, according to Audi.

AudiStream is one of the online innovations the Audi brand has introduced in recent years to connect with Audi customers and brand fans around the world.

In 2019, the German multinational auto maker introduced a virtual reality-enabled private lounge, which allows potential buyers to virtually customise any Audi model and virtually test-drive it.

The virtual reality feature provides the buyer with a detailed image of the vehicle, prior to the purchase decision.

Last year, the German manufacturer introducedan online calculator on its Web site, allowing customers to get an immediate cost estimate when wanting to extend their Audi Freeway Plan vehicle cover.

Users can book any of the above-mentioned streams at

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