HR's hottest trends

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These are exciting times for the human resources (HR) and payroll industry. Here are 10 trends to watch out for in this space, according to Phil Lotter, CEO and founder of Piilo Software.

1. Mobility: There's a move towards mobility in HR as employees demand instant access to information on-the-go.

2. Multi-channel/multi-device: The trend is towards giving employees access to HR solutions across multiple devices and, at the same time, giving them the same experience across different devices.

3. Improved user experiences: Cloud and mobility are driving demand for intuitive user interfaces, so new technology can be deployed easily, quickly, and with minimal training.

4. Gamification: This leads to higher levels of data accuracy and currency in HR systems while encouraging the understanding and delivery of business processes, for example, in performance management.

5. Social media: More social media principles will be incorporated into HR applications to increase employee engagement and make HR processes more transparent. Social media can help improve internal brand loyalty, product development and customer service.

6. Empowering line management and employees: HR activities are being simplified through cloud and mobility, which empowers employees and line management to be more active in HR and talent processes, reducing the need for an extensive HR department.

7. Integration of communication technologies into HR: Businesses are using talent solutions that integrate with communication technologies such as Webinars, video conference, on-demand training and screen-sharing tools, to make training more engaging.

8. Learning becomes global and accessible 24x7: Businesses are able to provide their employees with pre-approved learning solutions through their HR systems. Online training platforms and sources are becoming increasingly authoritative, such as Webinars with interactive sessions from leading universities such as MIT, Harvard, or highly acclaimed sources such as

9. Simplicity and refocus on technology as an enabler: Overly complicated ERP systems that require extensive investment and resources to drive HR are dying a slow death. New solutions are nimble, affordable and easy to use.

10. Formalisation of HR in smaller companies: The formalisation of HR is driven by two factors, namely the increasing need to meet legal requirements, and the affordability of cloud and mobile technology to automate employee administration and talent.

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