HP releases Data Protector 7

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HP has unveiled HP Data Protector 7, a software solution that helps businesses manage the explosive growth of data with advanced backup and recovery capabilities.

The software automatically understands the context of unstructured, human information - such as documents, video, audio, social media and e-mail - to identify and prioritise how information is protected.

David Scott, SVP and GM, HP Storage, says traditional data protection approaches are unable to understand the ideas and concepts expressed in the growing volumes of big data. By contrast, once indexed, HP's offering allows data to be automatically accessed and applied to a wide array of cloud-based solutions, including archiving, information governance and revenue optimisation.

He says the software is powered by the Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), and delivers a unified platform for all storage assets via federated deduplication.

According to Scott, legacy backup processes have hit a wall. He says total data growth is estimated to be over 35ZB by 2020, 85% of which will be human information. Legacy backup cannot possibly scale; there will be performance gaps, patchwork solutions, and it will be painful to recover. The value of data is locked away.

He says meaning-based protection is the answer. “HP's next-generation information platform, Autonomy IDOL10, allows customers to derive meaning from any type of data, based on context, and overcomes the fundamental barriers to recovering and searching massive unstructured data backup repositories.

For example, Scott says it could recover all relevant information related to 'Meg Whitman' across all file types, such as documents, video, audio, social media and suchlike. It will also instinctively find information related to HP's CEO, but still only related to Whitman.

The solution leverages technology from HP Labs, the company's central research arm, and Autonomy, an HP company, to enable clients to eliminate redundant data and identify the content most important for the business to protect.

“Increased regulated industry compliance, distributed remote workforces and reduced IT budgets are hindering backup and recovery success for many organisations,” adds David Jones, CEO, Data Protection, at Autonomy. “HP Data Protector is the industry's first unified data protection solution that utilises an intelligent data-management approach to seamlessly protect data based on its meaning across on-premise, hybrid and cloud environments, while optimising business application performance.”

According to Scott, HP Data Protector 7 enables customers to meet legal discovery and compliance needs through the use of its governance tools, including eDiscovery and legal hold, to perform contextual search on backed up data, as well as find and recover data by meaning.

He says customers can also achieve zero-downtime recovery of information, necessary for mission-critical environments, through extensive integrated support for leading enterprise applications, as well as granular single-item recovery of SharePoint, VMware and Microsoft Exchange data.

In addition, he says the product drives enterprise-wide information protection by integrating with HP StoreOnce B6200 to extend advanced federated deduplication from the data centre core to the edge. It also extends information protection to cloud-based offsite storage with integrated access to the Autonomy private cloud, which he describes as the world's largest storage as a service offering, at more than 50 petabytes, built on the HP Converged Cloud.

Kirsten Doyle
ITWeb contributor.

Kirsten Doyle is ITWeb contributor.

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