Transformation milestone achieved by Mint Group

As a level one B-BBEE contributor, this accreditation further re-affirms Mint Group's BEE principles are integrated into the very fabric of its business.

Johannesburg, 01 Dec 2020
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Mint Group is proud to announce that, over the past 12 months, its investment into transformation across staff empowerment and growth, business growth and partnerships with its EME and QSE partners, as well as participation in the YES initiative translated into its rating moving from a level three to that of a level one broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) contributor.

The rating bears testament to the importance the company places on transformation within its business and reinforces its mission statement of: Creating tomorrow by inspiring our employees, clients, and partners to reach their full potential through innovative technology solutions.

“This milestone has been achieved through a determined focus on empowerment and diversity through all its different components. We believe in the B-BBEE vision and transformation goals, and we are committed to empowerment as a key requirement for the promotion of sustainable economic growth and social development in South Africa. For an SME of our size, we were able to invest in social and enterprise development initiatives at the grassroots level by supporting early childhood development (ECD) centres, which allow us to be actively involved in the community as well as actively support local entrepreneurial talent,” says Carel du Toit, Mint Group CEO.

Mint Group has undergone a significant in-house transformation, with two black female leaders who form part of the Board of Directors and have been instrumental in creating a broad-based black economic empowerment programme, Ubuntu EmpowerMint, to incubate Exempt Micro Enterprises (EMEs) and Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs).

Ronelle Naidoo, Director and Board Member at Mint Group, says: “The updated rating is the result of a strategic, committed approach to transformation. Transformation is one of Mint’s key business focus areas, and we are excited about the opportunities we can create for EMEs and QSEs in the ICT sector, aimed at making a real difference to our industry and our country.”

Naidoo continues: “To further empower our value proposition to the ICT sector, we have ignited our plans of transformation in synergy with the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) by launching the Ubuntu EmpowerMint programme. Mint has worked with EMEs and QSEs across South Africa to solve human problems through ICT and make a difference from the ground up. Ubuntu EmpowerMint is a vigorous programme with strategic initiatives designed to identify start-ups to drive them towards EMEs, accelerate the development of EMEs to QSEs and ultimately to GENs (generic enterprises).” 

The objective of this programme is to cultivate the spirit of togetherness by empowering start-ups, (EMEs) and (QSEs) through investment, advisory and training to make a holistic contribution to the ICT sector of South Africa.

“We applaud Mint Group’s commitment to finding meaningful and sustainable ways to create a more inclusive economic environment and look forward to partnering with them to incubate EMEs and QSEs into our partner network. Partnerships like these are a critical enabler of truly transformative shifts in the industry for the country,” says Lillian Barnard, Managing Director at Microsoft South Africa.

Mint Group has empowered TAM Business Solutions as a preferred EME on strategic projects over the years. Tebogo Motsaapheko, Managing Director of TAM, says: “We are eager to continue working with Mint as part of the Ubuntu EmpowerMint programme, as we continuously aim to diversify and form strategic alliances. We are proud to have grown our business from an EME to a QSE in the ICT sector. This programme seeks to bridge the digital divide through ICT together with EMEs and QSEs to create a better tomorrow for all.”

Furthermore, as part of its corporate social investment (CSI) strategy, Mint Group specifically focuses on early childhood development with the establishment of the Sekolo sa Dinaledi Trust in 2017, increasing its support of early childhood education initiatives, building strategic partnerships with organisations with similar focus and aligning its CSI strategy to the education of children in poverty-stricken areas of southern Gauteng.

According to Mint Group CFO, Yvonne Dias: “Our long-term strategy is to 'Grow a Mintie'. We embrace a cradle-to-career model by identifying young talent from ECD level and support their education journey with the ultimate view of employing them within the business.”

“We are proud to be rated B-BBEE level one and we know that there is still a lot more work to be done as we evolve as a business and as a country. We thank our board, employees, partners and all stakeholders who share our vision and support our determination on this important journey to transformation,” concludes Du Toit.

Mint Group’s progress on transformation is monitored by the Group’s Executive team and Mint’s Transformation Committee, which sees transformation as integral to achieving its mission and vision of creating a better tomorrow for the company's employees, clients and partners.

For more information visit or Ubuntu EmpowerMint

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