Time of the essence in IT security

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Milad Aslaner, cyber security thought leader and strategist at SentinelOne
Milad Aslaner, cyber security thought leader and strategist at SentinelOne

Time to detection and response is critical in today’s security environment, both for mitigating risk and supporting productivity and user experience.

This is according to Milad Aslaner, senior director, Cyber Defence Strategy & Public Affairs at SentinelOne, who was speaking ahead of a SentinelOne webinar to be hosted in partnership with ITWeb.

Historically, organisations had multiple vendor solutions deployed, hoping it would prevent all sorts of attacks and reduce blind spots, says Aslaner. "Legacy architectures are difficult and costly to manage and often result in a decrease of user productivity, which naturally becomes a conflict between the IT and security departments," he says. "It's critical that IT and security departments are aligned and balanced between user productivity, user experience and security."

By consolidating and simplifying the environment, harnessing artificial intelligence and carrying out behavioural analysis at the endpoint level, vendors such as SentinelOne can assess and block threats in real-time, he notes. “Carrying out the analysis in the cloud depends on connectivity, and there will always be a delay compared with anything processed locally. Our autonomous and lightweight solution leverages an on-agent static AI system that replaces traditional signatures and instead predicts which files and patterns are likely to be malicious," he says.

"With SentinelOne, customers are slashing their mean time to detect and mean time to respond KPIs significantly.

"The pure volume of security incidents continues to rise year over year, and it has reached a point where most organisations are unable to respond to new security incidents on the same day. SentinelOne has built the world first's purpose-built AI-powered extended detection and response solution. It reduces manual investigation times and solves alert fatigue through our patented enterprise-grade solutions such as ActiveEDR, one-click response capabilities and one-click remediation that can reverse all unauthorised changes."

Analyst reports like the Gartner Endpoint Protection Platforms and independent tests such as MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluation can help companies determine which vendor is the right fit for them. "SentinelOne is excited to be recognised by Gartner as a market leader in its recent Endpoint Protection Platforms Magic Quadrant," he says. "SentinelOne is leading the pack at this year's MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluation, with 100% visibility and no missed detections."

Aslaner will address SentinelOne’s webinar on 'Continuous leadership with no compromise: Next-gen endpoint detection and protection' on 27 July. The webinar will outline how to reduce risk and the burden on security teams, SentinelOne’s next-generation EDR solutions, how SentinelOne performed in the 2020 MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluation, and why this matters for security. For more information and to register for this event, go to

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