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ITWeb Security Summit 2021: Don’t miss the opportunity to book at the early-bird price

Johannesburg, 03 May 2021
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ITWeb's Security Summit 2021, taking place as a virtual event from 1 to 3 June, will bring together SA’s infosec decision makers with high-profile international speakers, local experts and practitioners.

“This year’s event is themed ‘Reimagining security to build digital resilience and trust’, says Lisa Lawlor, events director at ITWeb. “The event promises to help delegates achieve exactly that.”

She says in today’s increasingly complex IT environments, the perimeters of the traditional organisation are shifting and blurring. Concurrently, cyber criminals are more determined than ever, and continually coming up with new tools and tricks to help them slip through the security nets.

“This is why it is more crucial than ever for organisations in every industry to arm themselves with the latest knowledge, techniques and solutions to harden their defences, and prevent attackers from succeeding,” says Lawlor.

The summit aims to inform local security professionals of cyber security developments and how enterprises across the world are protecting their most critical data assets. It will offer something for every level of skill and interest.

“Regardless of whether delegates are on the technical or the business side, just beginning their cyber security journeys, or wanting more advice on developing an effective security strategy and strengthening their organisation’s posture, the event will feature presentations just for them.”

Topics include best practice in threat intelligence collaboration and sharing; security as a business enabler; the pros and cons of data protection regulations; AI, machine learning and automation and their role in cyber security; and how to address the security skills shortage in SA.

“We will also look at the security implications of working from home, the IOT and today’s digital economy, as well as effective vulnerability management, and creating a culture shift towards embracing security within the business.”

Some seven international keynotes, and over 50 local and international speakers will share their insights. In addition, the event will play host to all the major security vendors, who will give delegates an overall view of what each has to offer in this space. 

ITWeb Security Summit 2021: 1-3 June

Book your seat now to get up to speed on cyber security trends, solutions and best practices – all without leaving your home or office. The event will feature more than 50 speakers, including seven international keynotes, who will be sharing their knowledge and expert opinions with you. Early bird registration closes on 7 May.

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