TotalSend introduces payments via SMS, e-mail

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Tracy Surkont, MD of TotalSend.
Tracy Surkont, MD of TotalSend.

Electronic communications and e-payments company TotalSend has introduced a payment platform that allows businesses to send customers a payment-enabled SMS, e-mail or chat message.

According to the company, PushPay allows retailers to integrate a payment platform into their digital messaging system, allowing customers to read their invoices via e-mail, chat, or SMS and then make a direct payment via a payment link.

Consumers click the payment link, which automatically generates a payment card industry (PCI)-compliant Web page holding the invoice amount, and an option to pay via card or instant EFT.

The system then creates a direct login session with the customer's bank. Details are encrypted, and the process is certi?ed PCI DSS level one compliant. On payment, both merchant and customer are notified of successful payment.

"SMS, e-mail and chats with easy payment links embedded in the message reduce corporate collection times by eliminating the need for complexities associated with EFTs often experienced by customers who may not be technologically inclined," says Tracy Surkont, MD of TotalSend.

TotalSend says it has already started rolling out PushPay to businesses in the local e-commerce, retail and collections industries. This enables these firms to massively reduce friction of payment collection.

"Push payments greatly reduce the common barriers faced by customers when making payments to companies. Organisations spend a lot of money phoning customers to remind them of their bills. This system uses an application programming interface to enable ease of transaction for customers, which in turn impacts cash flow positively for businesses as they get paid faster," notes Surkont.

TotalSend can already settle and acquire payments with all major SA banks.

Discussing new opportunities for the seamless payment solution, Surkont says TotalSend will roll out push payments into other promising African territories where the company has direct fixed and mobile connectivity.

Surkont heads an established team from the company's Cape Town headquarters that is focusing on expanding TotalSend's existing mobile-focused products.

"Our company's electronic communications and e-payments solutions are already finding growing favour within the banking, marketing, financial services and retail industries.

"Consumers, too, appreciate the simplicity of TotalSend's PushPay tool which enables them to click on a link and be directed to easy payment options. The manual process of adding merchants as EFT beneficiaries before payment can be completed is totally eliminated," she concludes.

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