Fraudsters target OUTA supporters

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The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) has warned its supporters about fraudsters that claim to act on their behalf.

The scammers are acting under the pretence of conducting research in the name of OUTA on e-tolling.

The alliance says the scam aims to either strike up a conversation leading with OUTA, which then leads into a sale of some sort.

The second incident is that of scammers pretending to raise funds on behalf the alliance.

"Please note that OUTA is not conducting telephonic or public research. All fund raising for OUTA's legal costs takes place directly on its Web site and it will conduct communication to its supporters through the OUTA database and social media platforms."

Unreasonable waste

The alliance has been challenging the controversial e-tolling system in court.

It has asked for a full judicial review on the system and this case will be heard in November.

It was also granted an interdict against the implementation of e-tolling by the North Gauteng High Court in April, but this interdict was set aside by the Constitutional Court this month.

However, OUTA says this judgment does not impinge on its main case.

"The grounds for this case remain very sound and strong. The administrative costs of e-tolling are an unreasonable waste of billions of SA tax payers' money. [There was] poor planning and incorrect information used when deciding to e-toll, a lack of consultation and transparency, and a serious lack of viable alternative routes."

OUTA adds that there is also a serious lack of effective and reliable public transport option.

"There are less expensive and more efficient processes for road funding available. The national fuel levy is just one such efficient mechanism. Notwithstanding the increasing cost of fuel, we may have to apply an additional levy of 10 to 15 cents per litre to pay for both the GFIP upgrades and start to make funds available for road upgrades in our other main metros. As tax payers we already contribute to the upgrading of roads all around the country."

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