New Sampra app tracks music airplay

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The South African Music Performance Rights Association (Sampra) has created a mobile app aimed at providing recording artists and record companies with real-time support and access to information about the music industry.

Sampra is a collective management organisation that administers music rights, known as “neighbouring rights”, on behalf of recording artists and record companies.

This is done by licensing music users such as radio broadcasters, retailers, pubs, clubs, restaurants and other businesses that use music in their establishments.

Launched in Braamfontein this morning, the app is targeted at Sampra members, who consist of musicians, licensees and record companies. It allows application for membership, registration of intellectual property, and access to news and information. In future, it will also provide users with royalty statements and information about music airplay.

“Through the introduction of the app, we want our members to know we value them and that we will keep adding convenient platforms they can use to access the organisation and relevant information,” says Pfanani Lishivha, CEO of Sampra.

“In 2018, Sampra paid a total of R197 million to recording artists and record companies in SA and abroad, and the app will we encourage artists to not only become members with us but to ensure their art is rightfully rewarded to them.”

Through bilateral agreements with other neighbouring rights collective management organisations in more than 10 countries, Sampra has been able to represent and support its members’ initiatives around the world, notes Lishivha.

The app is being developed by Stride IT Business Solutions in two phases so as to support the internal infrastructure changes being implemented within Sampra. Phase one allows users to learn more about the organisation, communicate directly with consultants, register for membership and notify the organisation of newly released work.

Phase two will add more features such as app user profiles, royalty statements, a personal record containing a user’s tracks, a knowledge base repository of useful articles and FAQs, as well as other features that will allow the artist to take control of their own royalty administration.

Phase two, according to the company, will involve data analytics to allow members to track the number of times their songs were played by music users in a particular period, project what their music track(s) could earn from different sources, and know areas where their music is popular or less popular.

“Our purpose as an organisation is very clear to all of us and over the past few years we have purposefully entrenched a culture of continuous improvement in team Sampra,” notes Tiyani Maluleke, chief stakeholder officer at Sampra.

“We believe that technology is an enabler of change, of progress and of innovation. With this app, we want our members to get a glimpse of the fourth industrial revolution through us.The Sampra app is Africa’s first collective management organisation app and we are thrilled to be giving our customers our critical services in the form of an icon on their mobile devices.”

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