NBConsult CEO talks to making the most of your cloud move

Cape Town, 02 May 2018
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At the end of April, NBConsult's Group CEO, Nicolas Blank, presented a Webinar about deriving real value from your cloud migration; a relevant conversation as the local market eagerly await the launch of Microsoft Azure's local data centres, which are due to launch in SA this year. During the Webinar, he unpacked how to guarantee cloud adoption success in the modern workplace.

"Moving to the cloud means a lot of change and that change is something that we can measure. Because we can measure it, we can manage it," he detailed. "Today, we still approach this cloud thing as a nirvana or some sort of miracle. We don't always know how to get there. More often than not, the technical bit is the easy bit." It's pretty easy to drag and drop a file into cloud, Nicolas said, pointing out that where things get complicated is when you need to create a cloud strategy around managing and securing that file.

Some highlights from Nicolas' presentation include:

* Providing an outline of a few common reasons for moving to cloud: from a desire to update existing business applications and aiming to address real business needs to migrating to cloud for fear of missing out.

* Unpacking the nitty gritty of cloud economics, with a few case studies and examples to showcase the differences between on-premises and hybrid cloud deployments.

* Suggesting a possible "path to cloud" and outlining some of the standards and governance requirements that businesses typically factor into their cloud design.

* Sharing how organisations can shift their approach to embrace cloud-based thinking and encouraging businesses to start small and build as they go.

If you'd like to access all of these insights in far greater detail, you can check out the full Webinar here.

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