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Motorbike delivery service app introduced in Johannesburg

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The 1Fetch app offers users delivery of any item that falls within the maximum load capacity of 15kg.
The 1Fetch app offers users delivery of any item that falls within the maximum load capacity of 15kg.

1Fetch, a new hand-to-hand motorbike delivery service, has hit the Johannesburg market, providing users with a speedy delivery service through a mobile app.

The 1Fetch app, currently available on Android and iOS, offers users delivery of any item that falls within the maximum load capacity of 15kg.

As with Uber, 1Fetch connects users with delivery drivers, who use motorbikes to deliver goods anywhere around the Sandton area. The entire delivery process is done via the app. It is the alternative courier option for businesses or individuals who may need smaller deliveries done immediately, says the company.

Panico Theocharides director of 1Fetch, says the new service guarantees collection within 90 minutes of the order being placed.

"Once collected, the package is delivered directly to your destination, with no stops along the way.

"We aspire to become 'front of mind' for any real-time delivery needs. The world is rapidly converging towards an outsourced model for all things, so our immediate plans are to get people to 'think 1Fetch' every time they need a corporate document sent, a personal package delivered, food, retail items, a gift for your spouse, or a lunch bag to your kid at school," says Theocharides.

Based in the Sandton CBD and servicing areas within a 20km radius of this, he says 1Fetch has plans for expansion into Gauteng and the rest of SA.

Priced at a rate of R11 per kilometre and subject to a minimum delivery charge of R50,1Fetch has answered the call for a new way of meeting demands for couriers in a shorter delivery time, he adds.

"Our drivers are carefully screened and we promote a best-of-breed culture, starting with recruitment. The drivers are employed directly by the company and the directors meet each and every potential driver prior to the hiring decision being made. Not only do we seek the right technical and competency skills, but also the right attitude. It's often the small things that make the big differences."

1Fetch co-founder Jason Psillos says the company has sophisticated infrastructure in place that enables it to deliver efficiently.

"We have a very well-developed platform and believe we have the right tools in place to handle high transaction volumes.

"In addition, we have a compulsory electronic signature by recipients of goods, which provides proof of delivery. This is then included in a digital invoice, which is e-mailed to the customer who placed the order," explains Psillos.

An accredited external payment processing company validates all credit card payments, and client credit card info is securely stored by this highly reputable external company. All the right security measures are in place to ensure secure and reliable package delivery, as well as a secure payment platform, he concludes.

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