Turn your contact centre into a marketing tool with 1Stream's integration with Salesforce

Johannesburg, 18 Feb 2019
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For years, South African organisations have relied on Salesforce to manage successful marketing and sales campaigns, but there has always been a piece of the puzzle missing.

A truly effective marketing campaign relies on more than the efforts of the sales and marketing teams. But, while departments continue to use disparate systems to manage their processes, the contact centre remains an untapped source of power and productivity in reaching an organisation's business objectives.

1Stream, the leader in cloud-based contact centre technology in South Africa, fills this gap. Through a strategic integration of its predictive dialler, 1Stream enhances the application of Salesforce and harnesses the potential of the contact centre.

Not only does this mean organisations can continue to process campaigns, connect with new customers and win business using the product they know and trust, but all customer interactions, including those that come through the contact centre, now take place and are recorded in one place.

With Salesforce driving marketing and sales, not only does the integration with 1Stream's predictive dialler turn the contact centre into an income generator, but it ticks multiple boxes on the industry's wish list.

Single application

Simplicity is the key, and with 1Stream's integration with Salesforce, sales executives and contact centre agents can complete all their tasks and processes from one single solution on the desktop.

Increased productivity

1Stream's predictive dialler that synchronises with Salesforce campaigns can improve talk time for agents, from 20 minutes to approximately 45 minutes in the hour, vastly improving a sales campaign's potential success rate.

Out-of-the-box solution

With a fully supported cloud-based application, there is no costly and time-consuming IT infrastructure, installation or maintenance required.

Lead prioritisation and nurturing

With the information provided from the marketing and outbound sales teams, 1Stream's predictive dialler is able to prioritise leads to improve conversion rates. All relevant customer interaction details are then recorded in one single platform for improved monitoring and reporting.

Cost efficient

Most organisations have invested heavily in effective CRM systems, and 1Stream's integration with Salesforce means businesses can leverage their existing investment to produce even greater sales campaign results, by tapping into the productivity of the contact centre.

For more information on 1Stream's innovative contact centre solution, visit www.1Stream.co.za.

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