Qualtrics, ServiceNow strengthen employee and customer service experiences with powerful new solution

New research shows the need for more seamless tech; 81% of IT professionals waste more than 10% of their workdays on process and tech inefficiencies.

Dubai, UAE, 05 Jul 2022
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Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM) and ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) have announced a new app to help improve employee and customer service experiences. Available now in the ServiceNow Store, the new Qualtrics Embedded Insights gives IT and customer service agents a unified view of employee and customer experience and operational data, enabling them to make informed decisions and take immediate action to respond to employee and customer needs.

Qualtrics and ServiceNow also released new research that demonstrates a critical need for more seamless technology experiences. According to a study of more than 1 000 IT professionals at companies with more than 1 000 employees, four in five (81%) IT professionals waste more than 10% of their workdays on process and technology inefficiencies.

In a study of more than 3 000 customers conducted by Qualtrics and ServiceNow, more than two-thirds (69%) of customers said they switch between two to three channels (live chat, phone, in-person) in order to resolve an issue, and they frequently have to repeat the same information multiple times.

Qualtrics Embedded Insights offers pre-built configurations that allow organisations to see their experience data – how people think and feel, and operational data – such as number of cases resolved and time to resolution, in one centralised view within their ServiceNow Workspace. Qualtrics Embedded Insights also helps IT and customer service teams identify opportunities to automate routine tasks through a few clicks, not code. Agents can then provide personalised service within ServiceNow for priority and complex issues. The app is the next step in Qualtrics and ServiceNow’s continued partnership, originally announced in April 2021.

“Technology has become central to employee and customer experiences. A single poor experience can have lasting impact as people decide where to work and which brands to do business with,” said Jay Choi, Qualtrics executive vice-president and chief product officer, EmployeeXM. “Our integration with ServiceNow makes it even easier for organisations to provide excellent experiences from the start, helping employees be more productive at work and customers feel more heard when issues arise.”

“The IT architecture is now the business architecture, and service agents are under tremendous pressure to scale with the demands of our digital-first world,” said Matt Schvimmer, senior vice-president of product and service management at ServiceNow. “Arming IT and customer service agents with the most important information on issues and interactions in real-time and in one place, ServiceNow and Qualtrics are helping agents deliver proactive, seamless and personalised employee and customer experiences that help create lasting loyalty and boost organisations’ bottom lines.”

Great experiences drive employee and customer loyalty

Improved employee and customer experiences help increase employee engagement and productivity, as well as customer loyalty. Yet many organisations still struggle to deliver the experiences that employees and customers expect.

For example, the Qualtrics-ServiceNow research found that long wait times (56%) continue to be the most frustrating customer service issue, followed by taking too long to resolve an issue (28%), and the inability to reach an actual human (23%).

Qualtrics Embedded Insights gives IT service desk agents and managers a side-by-side view of experience and operational data within their ServiceNow Workspace. Agents and managers not only can understand how quickly they are solving employees’ technology issues, but also how employees feel about their experiences working with IT. This allows agents to make more informed decisions based on what is working and what could be improved.

The app also gives customer service agents and managers a similar, unified view of customer experience and operational data – making it easier to understand what customers are thinking and feeling and helping agents take more immediate action within ServiceNow to improve the overall customer service experience. For example, managers can initiate in-the-moment service agent coaching based on feedback within their ServiceNow Workspace.

"As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the obstacles businesses face," said Penny Stoker, EY global leader of HR services. "To keep up with the pace of these dynamic challenges, IT and technology leaders must adapt the way they approach these problems to develop and leverage new and innovative solutions. By combining experience data from Qualtrics with case management data from ServiceNow, EY is better equipped to understand the experience employees have with tech, and proactively respond to those employee needs. This is especially critical as we embrace hybrid work."


Qualtrics Embedded Insights is available now in the ServiceNow Store.

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Two studies were conducted by Qualtrics, in partnership with ServiceNow, between 10-20 May 2022. Respondents were selected from a randomised panel and considered eligible if they live in the United States and are at least 18 years of age. One study looked at full-time or part-time IT professionals working at companies with over 1 000 employees; the total number of respondents is 1 021. A second study looked at consumers who had a customer service experience with a financial services, retail, government, telecommunications, hospitality, technology & IT or healthcare business in the last six months; the total number of respondents is 3 089. Respondents who did not pass quality standards were removed.

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