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  • ServiceNow, supporting vaccinations for more than 20 million people globally, enhances Vaccine Administration Management solution to help organisations rapidly administer COVID vaccines at scale

ServiceNow, supporting vaccinations for more than 20 million people globally, enhances Vaccine Administration Management solution to help organisations rapidly administer COVID vaccines at scale

Product updates make it easier for people to schedule vaccination appointments and for providers to manage vaccine inventory; one provider used ServiceNow to cut wait times by almost 90%.

Johannesburg, 24 Mar 2021
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ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), which is supporting vaccinations for more than 20 million people with the Now Platform and its Vaccine Administration Management solution, has released further product enhancements to its Vaccine Administration Management solution to help organisations quickly meet the “last-mile” challenges of vaccinating and protecting people at scale.

The latest updates to the ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management solution improve the vaccination scheduling process for vaccine recipients, administrators and clinicians, providing increased visibility into inventory, to help convert all available vaccines into vaccinations. 

ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management solution.
ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management solution.

New capabilities announced offer increased control and visibility over available vaccine doses to help match vaccine appointments with inventory supply to minimise waste and avoid overbooking appointments. This has been a challenge for many organisations, leading to long wait times and leaving many recipients in line with cancelled appointments. New capabilities include:

  • The ability to schedule and cancel appointments based on vaccine inventory as vaccines are distributed. Organisations can automatically track vaccine inventory in real-time and open, close and reschedule appointments based on the number of vaccines they have available.
  • Location-level configuration capabilities enable organisations managing multiple vaccination sites to specify inventory, available hours and appointment slots by location.

Additionally, new capabilities announced give vaccine recipients more control over the scheduling process for a seamless booking experience, including:

  • The ability to select a specific day and time for appointments and independently book second appointments. Previously, users were automatically booked into the first available spot.
  • The ability for contact centre agents to book appointments on behalf of recipients.
  • Options for family scheduling will be available soon, allowing families to book appointments together and at the same time, rather than signing up individually with different accounts at varying times.

These updates will support smoother and more efficient experiences for both those receiving and administering vaccinations as more people become eligible and vaccines are made widely available.

“The rapid distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is one of the greatest workflow challenges of our time,” said Mike Luessi, AVP and GM, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry at ServiceNow. “We are working closely with organisations to rapidly ramp their vaccination efforts and adding new capabilities to our Vaccine Administration Management solution twice a month as the landscape evolves and more vaccines become available.”

Workflow for a healthier future

ServiceNow also continues to innovate its previously announced Safe Workplace suite to allow governments and organisations to safely return to work. ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Solutions support all aspects of creating a safe and efficient return to work for governments, campuses and companies. This now includes Vaccination Status, an app that helps public and private sector companies track the status of vaccinations in the workplace.

With the ServiceNow Vaccination Status app, employees and stakeholders in an organisation can easily submit documentation of completed health vaccinations to meet return to workplace requirements, where permissible by law. Organisations can also collect vaccination data to assess when it’s safe to bring employees and stakeholders back to a workplace and provide benefits to employees who received vaccinations, in accordance with their respective policies.

To date, more than 1 000 organisations globally have downloaded the Safe Workplace suite apps with over 12 000 unique installations.

Availability and additional information

New features are currently available in the ServiceNow Store with Vaccine Administration Management, and caregiver scheduling options are expected to be available in April.

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