Analytics technology is essential to meet demands for more personalised, secure and effective communications

Johannesburg, 04 Nov 2019
Read time 50sec

When it comes to building a valuable and successful CX program, it is vital that businesses first understand what their customers want and expect. Equally vital is using analytics to help achieve that goal by uncovering insights and identifying trends.

To help our customers in their endeavour for improved customer understanding and customer experience, NICE Nexidia surveyed 3 000 consumers across the United States and United Kingdom to probe for trends in how they interact with contact centres, and what they expect from the organisations with which they do business.

Download this white paper to read more on our key findings, and ways in which analytics can be used to address them.

Topics include:

  • Why personalisation across all channels is the expectation, not the exception.
  • How agent interactions are key components of customer service success.
  • Making interactions effortless is critical.
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