What skills are needed in the digital economy?

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According to the Enterprise Project, digital transformation requires the integration of digital technologies into all areas of the organisation, fundamentally changing the way in which it operates and delivers value to its customers. 

These changes require new skills and this presents opportunities for job creation.

This is according to Gavin Weale, founder of Digify Africa, who will be presenting on ''The opportunity for digital transformation to create employment and stimulate economies” at ITWeb’s Digital Economy 2020 summit, to be held on 20 March at The Forum in Bryanston.

So what are the skills needed in today’s digital economy? 

Weale says skills shifts and demands will play out differently in different industries. However, there are several areas that are growing rapidly and driving a demand for skilled professionals, including data analytics, automation and the Internet of things (IOT).

Speaking of the steps companies should be taking to ensure successful digital transformation, he says there are three major considerations:

1. Embracing change and digital innovation. 

2. Upskilling employees. 

3. Investing in the grooming of young digital talent.

Delegates attending Weale’s talk will learn how organisations can create a flow of skills development and employment, as well as how young people's capacity can be built to meet the demands of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). 

Digital Economy 2020 summit

Find out what the skills needs are for the digital economy and your digital transformation journey at the upcoming Digital Economy 2020 summit. To register for this event, click here.

Finally, they will hear how to bridge the gap in digital skills in the 4IR.

“Digify Africa has been operating for seven years in SA, Nigeria and most recently Kenya. Delegates can expect broader insights into Africa’s digital landscape from a skills perspective, learn where where the gaps are, and how to ensure that there is a consistent skills flow.”

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