Cyber security survey goes live

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The ITWeb cyber security survey, being conducted in partnership with CyberAntix, has gone live and we are calling all cyber security decision makers to share their view and experience.

The objective of the survey is to gain insight into the cyber security posture and incident response readiness in South African businesses.

Dr Pierre Jacobs, head of operations and compliance at CyberAntix, provides some context to the survey: "The reports about cyber attacks, theft of data and compromise and personal information from South African organisations are increasingly frequent. The reasons for these breaches are various and complicated. Furthermore, cyber security is not an exact science and these attacks often go undetected with huge implications.

Dr Pierre Jacobs, CyberAntix.
Dr Pierre Jacobs, CyberAntix.

The aim of this survey is to establish which security solutions organisations have in place to enable them to respond effectively to cyber incidents. The survey delves into how businesses are handling alerts, their alerting configuration and how alerts are responded to.

Other questions asked include whether businesses are currently scanning their environment for vulnerabilities and if this is performed internally or procured from 3rd party service providers, and how regularly vulnerability scans are performed.

The survey also investigates compliance requirements that are of concern to respondents.

By participating in the survey you'll contribute to a local cyber security research report, and you’ll be entered into a lucky prize draw (if you choose) for a R5 000 gift voucher

The detailed results of the survey, and the prize winner, will be published on ITWeb.

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