#ITWebSS2021: How to secure the enterprise perimeter

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Muyowa Mutemwa, a cyber security specialist and researcher at the CSIR.
Muyowa Mutemwa, a cyber security specialist and researcher at the CSIR.

From the public to the private sector, many enterprises have had to redirect large sums of their budgets towards responding to cyber security incidents that could have been avoided.

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While most have implemented measures such as firewalls, proxy gateways, patch management solutions, intrusion prevention or detection systems, encryption and network access control, 

security architects are seeing a shift in the enterprise perimeter due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With employees switching to work outside of the layered cyber security defences of their enterprises almost overnight and without any training, IT administrators were forced to find ways to extend the enterprise perimeter.

Muyowa Mutemwa, interim cyber security operations manager & senior cyber security consultant at CSIR, will be presenting on “Managing the shift in the enterprise perimeter in order to prevent a cyber security breach”, at the ITWeb Security Summit 2021, to be held as a virtual event from 1 to 3 June.

Mutemwa will explore the consequences of the shift in the enterprise perimeter and recommend practical technical steps that enterprises can apply in order to avert potential cyber security incidents.

He will also cover resolving cyber security incidents while users are working from home and how to extend the network perimeter.


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