Access Control

Security-savvy employees can reduce cyber threats

When employees are informed about potential cyber threats and are more conscious when using the Internet, it empowers them to protect themselves, says Charl Ueckermann, CEO of AVeS Cyber Security.


Panda Security solution manages vulnerabilities

Panda Patch Management reinforces vital prevention capabilities, drastically reducing the attack surface on endpoints, the company says.


CyberArk presents Privileged Access Security for Dummies

The guide helps readers understand and articulate the need to prioritise risk reduction associated with privileged-related access, says CyberArk.

11 Oct

Altron Bytes Managed Solutions redefines enterprise security

The company has partnered with MicroStrategy to present Usher, a digital security access solution that addresses enterprise security threats.

10 Oct

Social media becomes biggest data breach threat

Half of all records compromised in the first half of 2018 were from social media data breaches, says Gemalto.

9 Oct

Hetzner admits to "security incident"

The SA data centre operator has informed customers that their account information may have been exposed.


Union takes issue with SASSA biometrics

NEHAWU slams the social security agency's handling of the biometric enrolment of beneficiaries onto a new system.


Providing a secure Web site platform

Securing your Web site adds a protective layer to a company's domain, drastically reducing the chances of domain hijacking, says Kendra Houston-McMillan, training consultant at CS Interactive Training.


The giant robot called IOT

The rise of a global IOT network is creating an exponentially growing, giant, Internet-connected global robot.

8 Oct

Companies prepare for the inevitability of cyber crime

Although cyber crime is destructive, the increase in incidents means people are finally talking about the risks, understanding the dangers and putting strategies together to prevent cyber attacks, says Simeon Tassev, MD and QSA at Galix Networking.


Lessons to learn from the Facebook hack

This incident may become a notorious milestone of GDPR enforcement by the €EU regulators, according to High-Tech Bridge.