Liberty CEO labels hack criminal act

David Munro says the company is in full control of its IT systems, and notes the safety and security of customers' information remains top priority.

Alarming increase in e-mail attacks: J2 Software

Unquestionably the insider threat is real and most cyber attacks are a result of someone who is already inside the firewall, says John Mc Loughlin, MD, J2 Software.

ICT firms pocketed R1.5m in PIC's whistle-blower probe


The organisation allegedly paid over R1.5 million to tech companies to unmask a whistle-blower who had accused its CEO of corrupt activities.

Apple undercuts popular law-enforcement tool


Apple will change iPhone default settings to cut off communication through the USB port when the phone has not been unlocked in the past hour.

Kaspersky debuts fraud prevention solutions

Businesses need to improve the security of online transactions without negatively affecting user experience, it says.

Crypto-currency mining malware wreaks havoc in Africa

Cyber criminals take advantage of the popularity of digital currencies on the continent, unleashing crypto-currency malware.

New app to make Airbnb process smoother

6 Jun

OPEN, a new local access management app, lets Airbnb hosts give their guests access to the rental without keys, remotely.

MS still to patch threat discovered by SA expert

Dmitri Kaslov, a local security researcher, discovered a vulnerability in the JScript component of the Windows OS.

Video: Dimension Data protects Tour de France

Through the partnership between Dimension Data, ASO and the Tour de France, 1 716 deliberate cyber attacks on the network perimeter were stopped.

Teach protective behaviour

Employee training and education is vital if companies want to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Continued concern about Internet privacy, security

28 May

More South Africans feel the government should do more to protect its citizens online, according to an Ipsos study.

Data is more powerful than money

Companies should adopt a multi-layered approach to prevent fraud, says TransUnion.

Regulator powerless to deal with latest data leak

The Information Regulator laments it is not yet fully functional and able to deal with those involved in leaking close to a million personal records of South Africans.