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Effective end-to-end security framework

Companies must have all the relevant frameworks in place to protect what is critical for every firm nowadays: its data, says Brett Skinner, security sales manager for Micro Focus.


IOT devices are attacked within five minutes of being connected

Netscout warns that more entrants in the IOT space facilitate worm-like propagation of malware and pose significant DDOS threat.


We’re horrifically exposed, expert tells CISOs

South Africa is not well-protected against cyber threats, CISOs heard at ITWeb Executive Round Table.


Companies ignore endpoint security at their peril

As over 93% of attacks occur on the endpoint, it needs to be a key focus in securing business data, says Dell EMC.


Minimising reputational damage after a breach

Badly-handled communications can worsen the situation for an organisation that has fallen victim to a cyber attack, says Brunswick’s Marina Bidoli.


Axis presents thermal imaging technology

Thermal cameras capture images based solely on the heat radiating from people and objects, says Axis Communications.

29 May

Board’s disconnect with cloud security concerning

Stats show that a significant data breach leads to increased spending, which is like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, says Redstor.


Constant need for profit sees cyber security suffer

Security is hard because business is hostile to anything that does not bring profit, says the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies.

29 May

Google runs child online safety awareness workshops

The tech giant partners with local organisations to commemorate National Child Protection Week by raising awareness of online risks.


SA is ‘safe haven for cyber criminals’

Government must act urgently to adopt the Cyber Crimes Bill, as the country cannot continue without this critical legislation being in place, says a cyber security specialist.


LAWTrust launches SA-designed hardware authenticator

LAWTrust, an Etion company, has joined the FIDO Alliance in a move designed to cement its reputation as the premium provider of cyber security solutions to the business community.