Deimos1 Mar

Google: Securing the digital experience all the way from end-users through to enterprise cloud

Thanks to their global scale and R&D investments, Google and the Google Cloud have mastered the science of cyber security, says Google Cloud security specialist Deimos.

Commvault29 Feb

Fortify data security to protect against cyber threats, meet regulatory demands

A comprehensive approach to enhancing data protection is critical, and a proactive stance is vital, says Commvault's Modeen Malick.


Obscure Technologies spotlights upcoming Microsoft and Rubrik Cyber Resilience Summit

The Microsoft and Rubrik Cyber Resilience Summit webinar is scheduled for 6 March, and is described as a must-attend event.

Dolos28 Feb

Dolos eliminates disconnected security with WatchGuard’s unified network capabilities

WatchGuard Firebox desktop appliances enable companies and MSPs to protect their customers' locations, remote devices, office equipment and retail POS software.


Building a data protection framework

Why it's important to approach data protection holistically and within the context of the specific organisation.


France’s IDEMIA drawn into another SA tender saga

The latest drama involves facial recognition technologies and eGate systems for regulating passenger movements at airports.


Info watchdog goes after direct marketing firm

The Information Regulator issues the first enforcement notice against a direct marketing firm, saying it contravened section 69 of POPIA.


Make it an unhappy new year for hackers. Improve your cyber security

Not only is information at risk, so are physical objects like your vehicle and everything in your 'smart' home, from appliances to TVs, nanny cams and home security systems.


Creating a cyber-savvy workforce

CRS cultivates a cyber-savvy workforce by providing its people with a comprehensive understanding of the role they play in maintaining cyber security, says Roy Evans, IT manager at CRS Technologies.

Cell C26 Feb

SA telcos tap into global network to curb fraud

Cell C, MTN and Telkom join the GSMA’s Open Gateway initiative, in an effort to combat fraud and digital identity theft.


Blue Turtle partners with Rubrik

Blue Turtle's strategic investment in the Rubrik partnership paves the way for improved Microsoft 365 data security.


Data breaches rising at alarming rate, says InfoReg

South Africa’s Information Regulator reveals data breach notifications of as many as 150 a month, up from 56 this time last year.