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Ballmer confirms iPad rival

Ballmer confirms iPad rival

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said the company is looking to develop a slate product using Windows 7 as soon as possible in an effort to compete with Apple, writes

"It is job-one urgency around here," said Ballmer during a speech to financial analysts at the firm's headquarters in Redmond last week.

"We're working with our hardware partners, we're tuning Windows 7 to new slate hardware designs that they're bringing to market. And, yeah, you're going to get a lot of cacophony," he said.

Two Gulf states ban BlackBerry functions

Two Gulf states have banned some functions of the BlackBerry mobile phone, claiming security concerns, says the BBC.

The United Arab Emirates is to block sending e-mails, accessing the Internet, and delivering instant messages to other BlackBerry handsets.

Saudi Arabia is to prevent the use of the BlackBerry to BlackBberry instant messaging service.

Techs confirm iPhone 4 connectivity problems

More evidence has surfaced that Apple's beleaguered iPhone 4 does, indeed, have serious reception challenges, and today's facts and figures come from a sophisticated source, reveals The Register.

"Tests... have indicated that Apple's iPhone 4 does indeed suffer from connectivity problems compared to other smartphones," begins a report by the PA Consulting Group, a global management, IT, and technology consulting firm headquartered in London.

PA ran the phone through a comprehensive battery of tests, both on Vodafone's network and on a test network, in an anechoic chamber not unlike those used by Apple in its product testing, as trumpeted by Steve Jobs during his presentation on 16 July.

Hackers release browser-based iPhone 4 jailbreak

The unlocked iPhone 4 is now technically legal and technically possible, reports CNet.

Just days after the US Copyright Office ruled that bypassing a manufacturer's protection mechanisms to allow "handsets to execute software applications" no longer violates federal copyright law, the iPhone Dev Team released a jailbreak for the iPhone 4 at

Unlike previous jailbreaks, which required the device to be connected to a computer to run the update, the latest jailbreak is accomplished completely via mobile Safari loaded on the device.

Kirsten Doyle
ITWeb contributor.

Kirsten Doyle is ITWeb contributor.

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