VMware's Workspace ONE boosts day-zero employee experience

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VMware has enhanced its Workspace ONE digital workspace platform to improve employee engagement from when they sign their offer letter through the day they leave the company. 

In addition, it introduced a zero-trust security architecture and hybrid and multi-cloud VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) advancements.

Shankar Iyer, senior VP and GM of End User Computing at VMware, said for too long enterprise security and digital employee experience have been pitted against one another. “There is a common misconception that when efforts are made to strengthen one area, the other must ultimately suffer. This simply is not true.”

Speaking at VMworld 2019 Europe in Barcelona this week, he said the innovations in Workspace ONE allow companies to provide an employee experience that is both productive and engaging, while simultaneously adopting a zero-trust security model.

At its US event earlier in the year, VMware released digital concierge services, including an artificial intelligence-driven virtual assistant, to help IT and HR reimagine the onboarding and day-one employee experiences.

Today VMware released Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub innovations aimed at improving engagement between an organisation and its employees even before their first day on the job.

Workspace ONE supports new day-zero experiences to provide new staff access to useful resources in Intelligent Hub such as company directory, intranet, and benefits information before their start date, and do this all securely. Moreover, new staff will have the ability to use Intelligent Hub to complete certain onboarding workflows, such as selecting technology to be delivered to the employee on their first day, Iyer explained.

To blend an employee’s physical and digital experiences with technology, VMware introduced the integration of Intelligent Hub with HID Global, a worldwide access control solutions provider. The Intelligent Hub “Passport” feature will enable employees to use the app on their personal or company-owned mobile device to gain entry to buildings.

The solution makes it possible for a staff member’s identity and access allowances to be verified instantly, providing them with a seamless experience and security teams with a modernised approach to physical access control, he said.

Finally, to help companies improve the experience consumers have while using their mobile applications, VMware also released Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps – a service that enables businesses to capture and monitor performance data from their consumer-facing mobile apps to help them make data-driven decisions to resolve issues faster, improve engagement, and lower churn.

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