Securing remote workforces becomes top priority

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Martin Potgieter, technical director, Nclose.
Martin Potgieter, technical director, Nclose.

The explosion of the remote workforce would probably top the list of risks facing businesses today. Too often, remote workers do not have the same defences that the corporate network enjoys.

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So says Martin Potgieter, technical director of Nclose. 

“Take away the visibility that we would typically have, and it becomes clear that this is where we are most vulnerable today.” 

We will all need to squeeze more value out of our cyber security spend, he adds. "Securing our remote workforce, which is probably here to stay post the pandemic, will also take up much of our focus.” 

Moreover, he says with many set to work from home on a long-term basis, organisations will need to speed up their plans to move to the cloud, and will need to secure their cloud environments.

Securing remote workforces

Looking to the future, Potgieter says: “I am a bit of an optimist and as much as the cat and mouse game will continue to evolve, I believe we are getting better at defending our organisations. One just has to look at the quality of the talks at events such as the ITWeb Security Summit to realise this.”

According to him, as organisations improve their cyber defences, so attackers will continue to focus on the weakest points, with human nature being the primary one.

“With many organisations expediting their move to the cloud, securing cloud environments will also be a huge risk. Fortunately, most of the cloud providers are aware of this and are making tools available to secure their clients.”

Offering a piece of advice to companies, he says with budgets being under pressure he would encourage everyone to ensure that ROI is realised on security spend. “Hold vendors accountable to their promises and ensure there are no 'hidden' costs in their solutions, whether that be additional 'modules' or management of the respective technology. We are all going to have to work smart with what we have.”

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