#ITWebBPMA2022: How AI improves digital transformation

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Jacques Ludik, founder & CEO, Cortex Logic.
Jacques Ludik, founder & CEO, Cortex Logic.

Many business owners and directors look at the adoption of new technologies, particularly those for business process management, as being too costly and time-consuming.

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At the same time, employees have been known to resist new technologies as they are comfortable with what they know and prefer the processes and technologies that they are used to. 

However, new and innovative technologies promise to help businesses be more agile and efficient, enhance their customer experience, and get product to market faster.

To examine the role that new technologies such as AI, ML and IOT can play in taking the business to the next level, Dr Jacques Ludik, founder and CEO of Cortex Logic, will be presenting a keynote address on “AI-driven digital transformation”, at the ITWeb BPM & Automation Summit, to be held on 29 June at The Maslow hotel in Sandton.

Dr Ludik will look at the importance of ensuring that all company stakeholders, from ownership to directors and management to low-level employees, understand the need for the adoption of new, intelligent technologies.

He will unpack the impact, risks, challenges, and benefits of AI, smart technology, and automation, and will discuss the journey from assisted and augmented to autonomous intelligence on the man-machine intelligence continuum. He will also show delegates how to demonstrate value, highlighting how productivity and future profits can offset the investment made.

Finally, he will reveal how to track the results of a technology roll-out and report concrete figures to highlight the milestones achieved, and will discuss the impact of AI and automation on employment, and the need for a more human-centric AI-driven workplace with new humanistic jobs.

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