Why private access makes sense in an increasingly hybrid workforce

Johannesburg, 31 May 2023
Wayne Olsen, managing executive of cyber security, BCX.
Wayne Olsen, managing executive of cyber security, BCX.

Security plays a key role in digital transformation. It is used to manage access to the corporate network and govern who has access, when, where and how,

With the advent of the hybrid work model, private access technology is playing a greater role in the business cyber security strategy and in implementing zero-trust network access (ZTNA).

This is what one of the largest ICT companies in South Africa, BCX, and its cyber security industry partner Netskope will showcase at the 2023 ITWeb Security Summit, which runs from 6 – 8 June in Johannesburg and on 15 June in Cape Town.

Netskope Private Access is part of the Netskope security cloud and enables zero-trust secure access to private applications in hybrid IT.

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The modern remote access service fans out to enable access to applications in multiple networks, both in the public cloud and in the data-centre.

The cloud service provides zero-trust application-level access instead of access with lateral movement.

It is delivered via a capacity that Netskope calls Service Publishing, which makes enterprise applications available at and through the Netskope cloud platform instead of at the enterprise's network edge.

The company explains: “The Netskope cloud platform becomes the location on the internet through which enterprise applications are accessed, effectively externalising the access components of the DMZ. Externalising remote access in this way has several advantages over traditional VPN and proxy-based remote access approaches. in addition, Service Publishing’s overall architecture and delivery-as-a-service model is consistent with the IT trends of infrastructure-as-a-service, hybrid IT, and the decentralised delivery of enterprise applications from datacentre, public cloud, and SaaS.”

According to BCX and Netskope, NPA enhances security posture, speeds up cloud migration, simplifies IT infrastructure, and enables organisations to move toward the zero-trust security model.

"As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, organisations need to find new ways to secure their remote access infrastructure," says Wayne Olsen, managing executive of Cyber Security at BCX. "Legacy remote access VPNs are no longer sufficient as they provide a wide attack surface for attackers and can lead to poor user experiences."

Netskope Private Access (NPA) is a next-generation ZTNA solution that provides a more secure, user-friendly, and cost-effective way to connect remote users to private applications. NPA eliminates the need for legacy VPNs by providing direct, application-specific access to private resources. This reduces the attack surface and improves user experience by eliminating the need for backhauling traffic through the corporate network. 

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