CES 2022 lists this year’s most innovative gadgets

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The Nailbot created by Preemadonna.
The Nailbot created by Preemadonna.

A connected manicure system that prints instant nail art onto fingernails, sunglasses designed to double up as a portable media player and a device that allows users to manage and display their non-fungible tokens are among the gadgets featured as CES 2022 Innovation Award honourees.

The gadgets showcased at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show 2022 have been shortlisted as the most anticipated gadgets of 2022.

The CES Innovation Awards programme is an annual competition honouring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. It recognises honourees in a multitude of consumer technology product categories and distinguishes the highest rated in each.

A panel of industry expert judges review applications in each product category based on the evaluation criteria and the top scoring products are designated as honourees.

Some of CES 2022 Innovation Award honourees:

Honouree: Atomic Form

Product: Atomic Form Wave

Category: Virtual and augmented reality

The Atomic Form Wave is a 4K LCD IPS display that allows users to seamlessly manage their verifiably owned non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This product is designed to mimic a fine art frame and utilise the flexibility of blockchain technology to allow consumers to have full control over how their crypto art is displayed. Software company Atomic Form claims this has never been done before.

It also allows users to connect their crypto wallets and verify ownership of their NFTs on the gadget. They can also organise, display and lend out their NFTs to other Atomic Form users.

Atomic Form Wave.
Atomic Form Wave.


Product: Video-based contactless blood pressure monitoring device

Category: Health and wellness's health data platform is an AI-powered, video-based software solution that transforms smartphones, tablets or laptops into blood pressure monitoring tools. According to the company, the technology eliminates the friction associated with wearables (maintenance, shipment, upgrades) and allows industries such as insurance, health and wellness to extract real-time, end-user provided vital signs measurements, simply – by them looking at the device's camera.

In under one minute, blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration rate and sympathetic stress levels can be detected.'s video-based contactless blood pressure monitoring device.'s video-based contactless blood pressure monitoring device.

Honouree: AirSelfie

Product: Air Neo

Category: Digital imaging and photography

Air Neo, AirSelfie's fourth-generation aerial camera, promises to deliver a completely autonomous experience to capture aerial images, selfies and videos with the simple click of a button. Air Neo, which connects to a mobile phone, takes off and lands right from the user’s hand, and users can safely fly it without a controller or any flight experience. 

The device allows storytellers to record their world using artificial intelligence body tracking and facial detection to frame photos and video using 360, Orbit, Zoom, Wide and Video modes.

The Air Neo designed by AirSelfie.
The Air Neo designed by AirSelfie.

Honouree: Preemadonna

Product: Nailbot

Category: Home appliances

Nailbot is a connected, at-home manicure device that instantly prints any photo, emoji, image or any self-created design from the user’s smartphone on fingernails.

The device allows users to pick from thousands of free images, then place their finger in the cradle and tap print. The print on the nails is processed within five seconds.

The Nailbot created by Preemadonna.
The Nailbot created by Preemadonna.

Honouree: Anker Innovations

Product: Soundcore Frames

Category: Headphones and personal audio, portable media players and accessories

Smart devices manufacturer, Anker Innovations, says its Soundcore Frames are inspired by home audio systems and stylish eyewear to bring an audio-eyewear experience to users.

The frames connect to the Soundcore app to combine an interchangeable frame design and an OpenSurround System to double up as speakers and a media player.

Soundcore Frames feature noise reducing microphones and can be paired with a phone, tablet or PC to take calls or participate in online meetings from anywhere.

The Soundcore Frames.
The Soundcore Frames.

Honouree: Amaryllo

Product: iBabi Smart Baby Monitor

Category: Smart home

Amaryllo’s iBabi Smart is billed as the world’s first AI-powered baby monitor with embedded CPUs to perform advanced biometric analysis without the need for a local computer.

iBabi Smart Baby Monitor provides in-depth insight into a baby’s daily development and warns parents when babies are in potentially dangerous situations. It offers a long list of features such as 256-bit military-grade encryption, the ability to recognise when the baby cries or speaks, a comprehensive daily report that logs the baby’s behaviour, and patented 360° auto-tracking technology.

The iBabi Smart Baby Monitor.
The iBabi Smart Baby Monitor.
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