Digital performance gaps impact the customer experience

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Hanli Wood, channel sales manager, sub-Saharan Africa at Riverbed.
Hanli Wood, channel sales manager, sub-Saharan Africa at Riverbed.

While digital performance is deemed critical, and successful digital strategies can have a meaningful impact on the business, there is a significant digital performance gap that exists today, impacting the customer experience, diminishing productivity and pushing out deadlines.


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With this in mind, ITWeb, in conjunction with Riverbed, is hosting the 'Maximise Your Digital Performance: Connecting people, businesses and experiences in the digital world' event, to be held on 5 September 2018, at The Saxon Hotel in Sandhurst.

Hanli Wood, channel sales manager, sub-Saharan Africa at Riverbed, says there are several challenges standing in the way of successful digital strategy execution.

"Budget constraints, overly complex or rigid legacy IT infrastructure, lack of visibility across digital or end-user experiences, and, of course, the lack of appropriately skilled personnel, are all challenges for businesses today."

Full visibility

According to Wood, in order to understand digital performance, businesses need to have full visibility into the customer and user experience, and put those insights into action.

"By having the right visibility, and measuring the customers' digital experiences, organisations can better understand user engagement and the overall success levels of their digital initiatives."

When customers' digital performance suffers, business performance is impacted, which results in loss of sales and revenue, delayed product launches, loss of customers, loss of brand loyalty and loss of employee productivity.

Riverbed helps prevent this, by providing the most complete platform to transform application performance into a competitive advantage, through business insights, faster applications and simplified operations, she adds.

Inspiring new thinking

"The event has been designed to inspire new thinking, share best practices and customer success stories, examine trends, and explore breakthrough technologies in digital performance, by connecting people, businesses and experiences in the digital world."

She says delegates who attend the event will gain insight into how they can better manage their organisation's digital performance. "Riverbed helps organisations across the board take a holistic approach that addresses business challenges and maximises digital performance, to provide the best user experience."

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