Shared access a security risk

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Shared passwords and the move to cloud computing are among the biggest current and future ICT security risks facing local companies.

CA IT Management Symposium Africa 2011

More information about the CA IT Management Symposium Africa 2011, which takes place on 2 - 3 February at the Sandton Convention Centre, is available online here.

This is according to Ugan Naidoo, MD of CA Southern Africa's security business unit and a keynote speaker at the upcoming CA IT Management Symposium Africa 2011conference.

Naidoo says one of the biggest concerns for SA enterprises right now is shared access. “Users sharing identities lead to the loss of accountability,” Naidoo says.

“The issue that privilege users have for far too long been given carte blanche on business systems, which has led to availability, integrity and confidentiality issues that companies only realise long after the incident had occurred.”

In future, he says, similar problems will extend to the cloud. “The next big issue will be the confidentiality of data that sits in the cloud,” Naidoo says. He warns that strong authentication solutions need to be deployed to mitigate such risks.

“The user name and password is not sufficient for cloud solutions. Proper identity and access management solutions should be put into place, or ensure the cloud provider is providing these services.”

Naidoo will discuss ICT security risks and the solutions to counter them, at the CA IT Management Symposium Africa 2011 on 2 to 3 February 2011 at the Sandton Convention Centre.

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