More input required for PMO Insights research

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More input is required to complete the first-ever comprehensive survey and analysis of project offices in South Africa.

The PMO Insights survey covers all types of project management offices (PMOs), including project and programme offices, portfolio offices, strategy offices and other formal and informal structures involved in the broad discipline of project management.

The research is being undertaken by online project portfolio management application provider Project Portfolio Office (PPO) to provide better understanding of the state of project offices and PMOs in South Africa.

According to Guy Jelley, CEO of PPO, although there had been over 100 responses received, this was still far short of the number wanted for the report.

To date, PMO managers had accounted for 78% of the responses, with only one received from a C-level executive.

Jelley told delegates at last week's PMO Forum workshop in Sandton, that publication of the PMO Insights Report had been set down for early 2019, with analysis and discussion of the report on the agenda for the next PMO Forum in May.

Jelley noted that international project management surveys do not feature sufficient data from African and South African respondents for local PMOs to draw on when benchmarking their own performance against that of their peers.

"In addition, the South African project management landscape and needs are unique and PMO leaders and executives are faced with different challenges locally when compared to the rest of the world. That said, we believe our PMOs are able to compete on an international level and we hope that the survey will allow them to benchmark themselves against both local and international PMOs," he said.

Anyone involved with any of the various project management office types can participate in the PMO Insights survey here.

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